Sony NEX 5T vs Alpha a5000

Created by Fruitcocoa on April 26, 2014, 3:24 a.m.
  • Hi dudes,

    Being a journalist I really need a camera that is fast, easy to use and provides great image quality. With that said, I also want some room for playing around and learning about cameras, so I decided that the hybrid mirrorless "genre" is kind of what I need to go with.

    I've been watching a ton of videos of the Sony NEX 5T and the Alpha a5000 and from what I've learned the NEX 5T seems to be the sweet spot for this type of cameras but with a pretty bad touchscreen and menu:s from hell.

    The Alpha a5000 on the other hand seems to be a more "modern" camera with better manues, but if feels cheaper and the LCD-screen has gotten it's share of criticism.

    Now, my question is. Should wich one should I go with? Will I as a happy amature even notice a difference?

    Both the NEX 5T and the a5000 costs the same here in Sweden (around $500).

  • Personal preference and I might be a little biased but I'd go micro four thirds, more lenses to play with and better ergonomics and interface in my opinion,

    Olympus OM-D E-M10 seems like it would be a great little camera for your needs.

  • The Nex menus are fine, you totally get used to them, and once you set your customer buttons up you never have to use them while shooting.

    Having said that, I agree with the sentiments of StenchLord, the lens selection size for the Sony is kind of bad and the focusing is never super fast. The Nex touchscreen is fine. Go with m43 or a small DSLR and you'll be happy.

    The Nex 5N is myonly camera for right now, and it's fine, but there are a ton of things that annoy me about it and I am definitely looking to replace it. The lens selection, the articulated screen and bounce flash doesn't work in portrait mode, the stupid proprietary hotshoe means you call only buy nex branded flashes unless you want to try out multiple weird nex hotshoe to standard hotshoe mounts and even then what you can use for on camera flashes is kind of weird. I do love how small the Nex is, and I love manually focusing older lens with it because it has peaking which is super useful it fairly low light.

  • It's rare for me to recommend a Micro 4/3 camera because it's not a system I would ever buy, but I do think the E-M10 might be perfect for you.