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Created by mclaren777 on Feb. 27, 2014, 8:33 a.m.

    I've imported and kept 6 minutes and 58 seconds worth of pictures from my 6D.

    Results from 6138 pictures...

  • I'll have to do this when I get home, I think i have 23,000 something pictures in my catalog across 3 camera bodys

  • oh, very cool. will have to do this when i get home too! ugh i know i'm due for a column. racking my brain over topics.

  • generated off thje of 24923 Images in the Library

    3 camera bodys used, EOS digital rebel, 70D and 5Dmk3

  • Just a little over 10,000 photos

  • This was a really awesome tool, thanks!

  • Norm's fear of "high" ISO values still makes me chuckle. :)

    I'm also surprised to see that he intentionally underexposes most of the time. Canon shooters typically expose to the right (ETTR) because it's better to pull down highlights than it is to boost the shadows. If I had to guess, I think this top option would give him cleaner images...

    • Av with ISO 800
    • +1 EV in camera
    • Drop EXP -1 in LR


    • Av with ISO 400
    • -1 EV in camera
    • Raise EXP +1 in LR
  • @mclaren777: I think I far more guilty of fears of high iso than norm is. The tips about trusting camera recommended ISO to be helpful. I think you made it to norm during CES. Its not really an option on my 70D, but with the 5Dmk3 it really is extremely good in most places up to 6400 in most cases. Even pulled off a wonder days worth of photos about a month ago that popped into the 10,000 ISO range, and still came out extremely clean.

    I have found that the newer cannon tech is indeed better at being capable of lowering exposure levels and keeping detail, than my first gen DSLR was.

  • As you can see from my data, I don't think twice about shooting at ISO 1600. It's clean enough that I don't even use noise reduction in LR at that level. But that's the beauty of shooting with a modern full frame camera. That's why we pay so much money for these things. :)

    Also, please consider donating to the Lightroom Analytics charity if you appreciate the plugin.

  • Definitely, it was one of the things that attracted me to the 5dmk3. Though I am moving backwards kinda right now, I am starting to shoot medium format BW film. I might potentially shoot some color as well in the future. Since I am mostly Scanning the negatives.

    I've gotta fight the urge at this point to invest in a 80MP Medium format setup.