I got an early birthday gift, a Pentax Q10!

Created by KnowOnesDesigns on Jan. 27, 2014, 10 p.m.
  • So I know some people think it's a toy. I know that it has a small sensor and it doesn't have WiFi or a tilting screen, but I am loving it anyway. Here are pics of it straight out of the box:

    It's soo tiny! So a little back story. I know nothing about photography. The only time I deal with anything RAW is when ordering sushi. What I do know is that I want better pictures of my projects, costumes, conventions, and nicer videos for my YouTube channel. Up until know I have been using my iPhone 4s for everything. I had been doing a bunch of research knowing my birthday was coming up (hence my topical humor) and was going to ask my family to forgo the usual gifts in exchange for chipping in on a compact mirrorless. The Q10 had come up in my search, and had very mix reviews. As I read through them, most of the negatives were about its low light pics and it's initial price point. All of it positives seemed right up my ally though. I realize that most likely I'm not going to be tinkering around with my photos in post. I probably won't ever shoot in RAW(although having the option is nice). What this camera does is give me a ton of on board options, from fully automatic to fully manual. It even has a setting called BC for "Blur Control" that really should be "Bokeh Control" for those who really want to cheat, although there is a certain computer generated quality to it I'm not sure I like. I have gone as far as turning off the auto focus, and shooting in aperture priority though. I am still using the Manual Focus assist, which pops in a quick x2 or x4 digital zoom when using the focus ring, so you can make sure your shots are sharp. The best part is that Target was having a clearance on them. $199.99, not too shabby. A fun side note: You can get adapters to put full sized Pentax lenses on the Q10, but because of the crop a regular zoom will be a long distance telephoto. My brother is a freshman in collage and apparently the cool thing now is to shoot film. He has a Pentax K1000, so I'll get a chance to mess around with his lens soon. Here are some of the better photos I took while messing around.

    Our crown salt and pepper shakers with the BC setting. I feel like the background is too flat

    The fire sticks we have in the back yard get very red in the winter, I love it.

    And some night shots. My backyard has those yellow lights that don't attract bugs, so that is where some of the color is coming in.

    My shop door at night. These are shot with auto ISO.

    In all seriousness, for someone who had a small budget but wants to start learning more about photography the Q10 is great. Even if I do end up graduating to a big boy camera, I'll keep this around just because of its size. Did I mention the flash pops up?! How cool is that!

  • Don't know why that pic of Bastion posted twice, that's weird. With the cat pics I was checking out the different auto white balance settings.