Balancing Holidays and Photography

Created by Anominal on Jan. 5, 2014, 7 p.m.
  • Done with the holidays, (and finals, and transitioning to a new job) and one thing I've found out is that I feel weird taking my DSLR to family functions. I feel like if I have that camera in my hands I should be shooting things and at the same time I feel like I should be there not shooting pictures.

    Do you guys take pics at family events?

  • I only shoot a few pictures here and there at family events. At this point in time I have little interest in shooting people.

    There is also the hassle of everyone wanting prints of stuff, or going well why didn't you post this or that. Or why didn't you take a pic of this or that. Which my answer is usually "cause it didn't inspire me to take a picture". I take so many experimental shots at this point that the throw away percentage has gotten higher, since I am looking for certain things.

    What can I say I am lazy :D

  • I have a full-frame camera and I don't mind using it anywhere. Restaurants, picnics, bowling alleys, whatever.

    Despite its size, most people don't even notice me and and I've never gotten grief from business owners or family members. I think the trick is simply having confidence. If you're acting like you're trying to sneak a picture or somehow get away with something, people will automatically get suspicious and uncomfortable.

  • I don't take my camera gear to family or friends events unless:

    1. I'm asked
    2. I think it'll be an opportunity to capture unique photos
    3. I feel like mucking around

    I'd much prefer to join the company of my family and friends, sit down with them at the table, have a beer in hand and share some laughs.

    What I've found to be the most fun is set up a camera (DSLR or Point & Shoot) with a sign next to it saying: "Feel like taking a photo, use this!".

    Then at the end of the night taking it home and checking out what photos people have taken.

  • I'll pack a "small" camera with me almost everywhere, by small i mean small mirror less (Olympus EP2) something i can hide in my small shoulder bag. honestly at small family events i'll just use my phone cause it'll do the job.