What was your latest photo?

Created by stenchlord on Dec. 24, 2013, 5:33 a.m.
    • Camera: Nikon D60
    • Lens: 18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6
    • ISO: 200
    • Focal Length: 35mm
    • Exposure: 1/125 sec at f / 5.6

    It's a bit of a cheat. This isn't my most recent picture taken, but rather the most recent one I had printed. It's a great old Oak at a local nature reserve that is completely dead but is being left as a home for the creepy crawlies.

  • I shot a wedding on Saturday here in Seattle, just before the playoff game.

    This was the view from the hotel entrance at 7am...


    • Camera: Canon 6D
    • Lens: 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II
    • Focal Length: 190mm
    • Aperture: f/2.8
    • Shutter: 1/30
    • ISO: 6400
  • Settings:

    • Camera: Canon 5D MKII
    • Lens: 50mm f/1.4
    • Focal Length: 50mm
    • Aperture: f6.3
    • Shutter: 1/200
    • ISO: 100

    Taken in Vancouver's Stanley Park near Beaver Lake.

  • Back from vacation in Belize. One of my favorite shots of a Keel Billed Toucan.

    Canon7D, 100-400mm

  • start

    The Macro setup strikes again 1:36 this time :D , I shot some Ice yesterday too, but it was melting on me as shooting, Its so rock solid stable I am super happy. Still no Aperture control Just haven't had time to hack the connectors, Might just break down and pay the extortion level fee for one of the premade ones (500-1000$ for a mount and cables is a little ridiculous though)

    • File Name Z_LReH97A3700-2.jpg
    • Camera Model Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    • Shooting Date/Time 1/15/2014 9:02:22 AM
    • Aperture f2.8
    • Tv(Shutter Speed) 1/8
    • ISO Speed 100
    • Flash Off
    • Filter effect N :None
    • Toning effect N :None
    • Color Space Adobe RGB (1998)

    Mild post production edit. converted to BW as a quick method of reducing the prismatic noise from the bokeh

  • @TsunamiJuan: Lookin good, think you could up the brightness a little though? A lot of your images seem dark to me.

  • @stenchlord: I intentionally shoot on the darkside of things. In the case of the ice they are shot in the shadows , and are on a black surface underneath them to being with. Its a thin line with them to get things dark enough that you can still see the fine details and light enough to get a clean exposure. Its been a struggle to get things exposed right without going straight to washed out. They much better in original format most of the time, which I consider to before I drop them in size for posting on the internet. I also know that at the contrast levels I shoot and display at they look horrible on a good number of cheap monitors that have super blacks or accentuated color saturation.

  • @TsunamiJuan: My monitor at home is calibrated and they definitely look dark to me. If you're having issues with over exposing or glare, have you tried using a CPL?

  • This was from a recent trip to the museum with my son.

    • Camera: Sony NEX f3
    • Lens: 30mm f/2.8
    • Focal Length: 30mm
    • Aperture: f3.2
    • Shutter: 1/200
    • ISO: 200
  • @stenchlord: Yeah I use a CPL a decent amount, I know i need to pick up some Graduated neutral density filters. Its highly likely as well that my sensitivity to light plays a good deal into it. I am gonna be picking up a better set of monitors here in a few weeks. My current ones aren't quite inline color calibration wise. They are close though, But do have some rather extreme whites. I have always worked on the dark side of things when I develop and create stuff.

  • Technically not the last picture I took but the last picture I exported from photoshop from my last photoshoot. This was my first attempt at using off camera flash, as I asked for and received a Neewer speedlite for Christmas. :P

    Camera Data

    Make Canon

    Model Canon EOS 6D

    Shutter Speed 1/60 second

    Aperture F/2.8

    Focal Length 44 mm

    ISO Speed 400

    Date Taken Jan 10, 2014, 5:00:47 PM

    Software Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows) Sensor Size 34mm

  • Was it this speedlight, by chance?


  • Nope I have two $30 neewer speedlites, the ones that run on 4 AA batteries. The on camera flash was a Canon 430EXII

  • A macro of Ice on The Chrome trim of my car. It was melting on me while shooting. I am not sure of the level of magnification here its greater than 1:1 though.These where taken last Thursday January 23. Its 6 exposures, two exposures Wide, and three steps of focusing. A mix of Natural light from the right, and a small Diffused LED spot from the left which adds a golden tone to some of the highlights.

    • Canon 5Dmk III
    • ISO 100
    • Focal Length 17mm
    • exposure 1.6 sec @ f9
    • Tamron 17-50mm Lens Reverse Mounted
  • Shot on a Panasonic DMC-FZ47

    exif data:

    Color Space: sRGB

    Components Configuration: 1, 2, 3, 0

    Compressed Bits Per Pixel: 4

    Contrast: Normal

    Custom Rendered: Normal process

    Date Time Digitized: 2014-01-29 2:33:02 PM

    Date Time Original: 2014-01-29 2:33:02 PM

    Digital Zoom Ratio: 0

    Exif Version: 2.3

    Exposure Bias Value: 0

    Exposure Mode: Auto exposure

    Exposure Program: Normal program

    Exposure Time: 1/5

    File Source: DSC

    Flash: Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode

    FlashPix Version: 1.0

    FNumber: 2.8

    Focal Length: 4.5

    Focal Length In 35mm Film: 26

    Gain Control: Low gain up

    ISO Speed Ratings: 200

    Light Source: unknown

    Max Aperture Value: 2.969

    Metering Mode: Pattern

    Pixel X Dimension: 4,000

    Pixel Y Dimension: 2,672

    Saturation: Normal

    Scene Capture Type: Standard

    Scene Type: A directly photographed image

    Sensing Method: One-chip color area sensor

    Sharpness: Normal

    White Balance: Auto white balance

    Image Stabilization: 1

  • Just going through the old photos and quite like these ones where I was trying to play with negative space.

  • @stenchlord: I am a big fan of negative space, and high contrast but mostly dark and shadowed images. But You might have guessed as much with how dark I shoot :D Its drawn some unwanted attention during art classes from professors about why I always mat my images with black.

  • @TsunamiJuan: Yeah am a fan of it too, negative space is easier to do with black for obvious reasons lol. In a couple weeks I'll be getting some time off work so will be able to go do some bushwalking and take some photos :D

  • Found another one where I was trying to use negative space, not sure how I feel about this one though.

  • @stenchlord:

    i think the contrast from the water to the sky is most excellent. now take the same pic when the Bounty is doing its night cruise.

  • @Remington: Thanks, the bottom quarter is enhanced quite a bit in Lightroom (wasn't that orange just as the sun set) and the water has been darkened up quite a bit.

    Don't think I've been on the harbour when the Bounty is out.

  • I would like to see a crop where the bridge area is on the lower 1/3rd line.

  • It's a pretty old photo (from 2006/7 I think) and it was on a hard drive that was in a PC which was stolen (around 2008) :(

    That jpg is all I've got unfortunately.

  • Quick portrait of my niece

  • @stenchlord:

    visited Sydney back in the 90's, my dad and i took the Bounty tour. just sailed around in the harbor. sounds lame but as a 15 year old boy it was the greatest thing ever!! i even got to sail her (in a straight line of course) good times! not sure if they do that anymore. would be really cool to have this 1800's ship with modern Sydney in the back round.

  • @Remington: They definitely still have them, just don't think my timing has fallen in line with it being out on the water. They're all gorgeous though and it's definitely fun being out on them (been quite a few years since I was on the deck of one).

    @YoThatLimp: Very cute, looks like focus is a little soft but with the black and white it doesn't look too bad. Also has she been crying or is it drool all over that pretty dress lol.

  • @stenchlord said:

    @YoThatLimp: Very cute, looks like focus is a little soft but with the black and white it doesn't look too bad. Also has she been crying or is it drool all over that pretty dress lol.

    Hah yeah, a little soft unfortunately, had to shoot a little wider than I would have liked as it was dark and I was practicing manual focus. Also tried removing the drool but alas I was unsuccessful! She was a little sick so was a bit of a drooler that night, hah.

    • Camera Maker: Canon
    • Camera Model: Canon EOS M
    • Lens: 90mm
    • Image Date: 2014-02-07 10:52:51 +0000
    • Focal Length: 90mm
    • Aperture: f/5.6
    • Exposure Time: 0.077 s (1/13)
    • ISO equiv: 100
    • Exposure Bias: +1.00 EV
    • Metering Mode: Matrix
    • Exposure: aperture priority (semi-auto)
    • White Balance: Auto
    • Flash Fired: No (enforced)
    • Orientation: Normal
    • Color Space: sRGB
    • Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
  • Red Panda @ The Local Zoo

    • Canon 5Dmk III
    • ISO 10000
    • Focal Length 400mm
    • exposure 1/250 sec @ f9
    • Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS Lens

  • @TsunamiJuan: Red Pandas are cool :D