Lighting, Photography, and Kickstarter

Created by Anominal on Nov. 4, 2013, 10:39 p.m.
  • Four lighting and/or photography Kickstaters ongoing right now that have piqued my interest to varying degrees.

    MagMod - Magnetic method of attaching grids and colored gels to your flash. No more need for velcro. This thing is beautiful. It's so simple, efficient, and cleanly designed. Instant backing for me as soon as I saw it. I hated the idea of velcro for flash attachments.

    Triggertrap Redsnap - Light, sound, and lazer sensors that will trigger your camera. So many uses, this is going to be fun to play with. Another instant backing from me.

    Ilumi - Led lightbulb that's a smartbulb. Control it to be any color or pattern through the phone app. Timed changes, responsive to music on your phone, proximity triggers, etc. Really cool idea, but I'm wary of this one considering this is the third crowd sourcing attempt. I think the risk for this one is worth the extra cost by waiting for it to actually hit shelves. I love the idea in general, and in a photography sense, I like the idea of having a light source that I don't have to attach gels to to change the color of a scene. I've gotten pretty much every project I've backed (60+ projects backed now), but this one might be too risky for me.

    Pixelstick - A light painting stick that has on colored LEDs and onboard memory that can display still images or animation that you upload to it. Awesome idea, but I just know that I'm going to have to wait a long time before this can become useful to me. I can't to start trying out light painting, but I haven't even gotten to simple night photography yet. So much more to do that maybe this is one of the few times I can hold myself back.

  • I didn't want to create a new thread, so I'll ask here. In the Redsnap Kickstarter, the stretch goal that was reached allows me to pick up a 5th sensor at no extra cost. Out of a Motion, Sound, Light, or Laser sensor, which can I get the most out of for photography?

    The Light sensor seems the easiest to cross off. With one I supposedly can capture lightning bolts, a second Light sensor can't really help add to that.

    The Sound sensor maybe also has limited uses? But the sensitivity can be controlled, so one could be set to trigger on a loud sound, and the other set to trigger on a softer sound. (And now that I say that, I wonder if there is still potential for a second Light sensor.)

    I feel like it comes down to a second Motion (Passive IR) sensor or a second Laser sensor, but if there are good reasons for any of the four, I'm all ears.

  • Scratch that. I'm just going to pledge twice and get a lower tier. I'll be getting two Redsnaps, motion, sound, and laser sensors, one light sensor and plenty of mini tripods and cables to go around.