I picked up a new Lens last week, Wanted to share the experience

Created by TsunamiJuan on Oct. 3, 2013, 4:13 p.m.
  • So I have been rather steadily increasing my collection of photography equipment over the last few months. I've picked up a bunch of filters, a telephoto lens and other tools for shooting. (lens cleaning stuffz, and remotes and carrying/storage). I've been drooling over the canon 100-400mm L series lens for a while. I picked up a new body about a month ago in hope of improveing on a lack of resolution and some quality problems due to early digital camera body designs. Sadly that was a misadventure.

    So when I finally got my lenses after much debate about one poor buying experience and that I have no where locally I can try any of this stuff out before purchase. I would have to drive 4-5 hours to go somewhere that would have it in stock, and allow me to try it first. This lens seriously exeeded my expectations and clarity. Its like its not even there. On some lenses of higher consumer quality that I have tried, It was still rather apparent that light was shining off the mirror in the pentaprism. With this lens its honestly like the mirrors aren't there most of the time. The clarity and colors are much much more vibrant, and the shadows and detail are razor sharp. Even at distance, I don't seem to be encounter Chromatic aberrations, Though I am using an aps-c sensor and not full frame, So I am guessing they are probably there in the periphery, and its just cropped out.

    Here are a few shots from last week, while once again shooting at the local Botanical garden.

    Kinda cloudy at this point, sun just starting to peek out from behind the clouds, Shooting in the direction of the sun, rather than it at my back, Right after the rains. Tripod with remote trigger F16

    Another Shot on the same day, with the sun at my back, Hand stabilized. F5.6

    These are all on my 10 year old Canon EOS Digital rebel @6.4mpx

  • Nice. That first pic especially looks so crisp it looks like wax and isn't real. (I hope that sounds like a compliment, because it's meant to be.)

    Glad you're enjoying it. I'm looking forward to picking up new gear... while also trying to pace myself and use what I have. Although I did almost get a refurbished flash and 50mm 1.4 from Canon when they had their $100 off a $500+ purchase. I got an email confirmation on my order, but when it shipped, all that came was the lens hood. Then I took a closer look at Canon's terms, and apparently they can cancel any order they want at any time (including because of lack of inventory). That's fine and all, I just wish they let me know that's what was happening, everyone was scooping up on the new refurbs in stock and I missed out. Now all I have is a lens hood with no lens.

    Hopefully this works out for the best and I can get one even cheaper as the holiday sales come up. I also did start up a squarespace blog which is only going to make me want to buy more gear sooner rather than later, so I better really learn some self-restraint.

    [The blog is DoingSLR.com. Still messing with the design and exploring squarespace's tools. I have a ton of ideas in my head, but I just had to force myself to start with the basics or I'd be planning it forever.]

  • @Anominal: Yeah i know what you mean about the first pic, It lost alot of detail when i shrunk it down, but I actually took a copy of it to my local camera shop to have made into a large format print. In part cause I have yet to attempt printing anything, and cause i I want to hang it on my wall. I had a few people comment on the larger version I posted to them that the shot looks like an HDR edit, cause of the detail and the range of detail in the shadows. I was really quite stunned it came out so well. I went back to try to get an expanded shot of it a few days later and they had removed almost all of that type of sunflower for harvest :\ I wanted to crank the aperture up to 40 and really get some strong depth, to avoid the DOF fall off thats going on in places.

    I decided to order one of the canon 24-70mm f2.5 L lenses aswell, Since I am missing a quality lens in that range, and with the seasons changing thats a more versatile lens for all the indoor shooting opportunities that seem to be presenting themselves.

    I am avoiding the cheaper lenses since I am super anal about quality, and I have people already asking me for prints of stuff, so I figured If I am gonna make prints, I want them to be as crisp and detailed to begin with as possible, Since there is always some loss of quality in the printing, editing and digitization process. That and I don't have kids or a spouse to worry about so I can get away with being a little more impulsive.

    I've been posting most of my stuff under my old deviantart account http://tsunamijuan.deviantart.com/.

  • Looks good. I'm not sure I could ever drop that much money on glass, but lord knows I want to!

    Just a tip, I know in Canada there are a few websites that will rent you a lens, ship it to you, and include return postage.... so all you need to do is schedule a pickup to return the lens. It's a great way to try a lense before buying it, especially when you're looking at lenses costing upwards of $1,000. I'm sure America has some sort of similar service available.

  • @MAGZine: I have a canon pro membership now, and cause I live in a smaller area, I managed to get in contact with their sales rep for the area, who said he would be more than happy to notify me when he was gonna be in town, and bring any lenses I was interested in trying. :) Canon has been extremely helpful when it comes the few calls I have placed to them in the last few weeks.

    Canon Pro service, Gold or greater., allows you to try every lens in their inventory twice, by shipment directly to you. This however requires you own 20 points in equipment and pay 100$ a year. Though the service also includes expedited repairs, and replacement, certain amount of services a year. As well as the ability to have lenses made available to you at big sporting events and trade shows that you might be covering. I am currently about 5 points from qualifying for gold level, So I will probably be upgrading to it in a few months. Silver is what i currently have, is free, so far as you have 10 points or more in gear. That 100-400mm lens was a 8 point item.