Some helpful 70D info for Anominal and anyone else with one.

Created by TsunamiJuan on Sept. 10, 2013, 1:41 p.m.
  • I had the unfortunate occurance of having to call canon support related to my 70D yesterday. They gave me some interesting information though that I thought you might find useful. As it stands right now there are sometimes parsing errors for RAW files on the 70D's in just about everything outside of their own suite of software "Digitial Photo Professional". They said they expected that it would take a month for adobe and other companies to resolve this issue and it was about the norm when they released new cameras.

    While I spent a good chunk of the morning playing around with this still just to remove the idiot factor in case i was the problem It didn't solve what has been deemed to be a bad body. But It did help me considerably to Help Track down everything that might be causing the problems.

    You might want to shoot your shots in RAW and JPG just for a comparison sake or go in and export your raws in camera to JPG and use it as a comparison for some of the stuff you think might be representing wrong.

    Hopefully this saves you some of the potential headaches I had to deal with if they present themselves.

    Side note - On a support side of things, Canon Support was extremely Helpful in helping me trouble shoot the problems I was having. Going so far as to attempt to replicate the shots for comparison. With matching hardware.

  • @TsunamiJuan Thanks for the heads up. It's good to hear that the issue is pretty standard and is going to be resolved in what appears to be a timely manner. I haven't tried out Lightroom yet, so it's good to know that when I do try it, there's something I should be looking out for if something goes wrong.

    And by the way, I've been shooting in RAW + JPG, largest sizes in each format, because I have no idea what sizes I should be saving files in. So far the few pics that I've put up on Facebook I think I've shrunk down to 25% of the original JPG size.

    But there have been a few times where I played with cropping to focus in on a cat's eye, or messed around with erasing something from the background and when I shrank it, you couldn't tell it was ever there... so I'm still not really sure what actually useful for me.

  • @Anominal: yeah i tried to send you a pm directly about this, but for some reason the site wouldn't let me.

    I personally like to shoot everything at full size raw. So that I have as much detail as possible before I go into a editing program and either crop stuff or reduce it in size. To much is better than not enough in my book. Since the bodys fast enough aswell, if you have the high speed flash for it its difficult even at high speed burst to fill the buffer, cause your generally not shooting 15 shots in a row. If you are they still write fast enough that the buffer recovers quickly. Or in your case you get a 9shot burst cause of the dual file formats.

    Web format wise Most of the time I publish image for others to see at 1024 x 683 , Enough that its still a good picture, but not enough that the quality is high enough that they can easily make money off it if they decide to steal it. There are places which can produce a good print out of that size if someone did, but its generally not suitable for a large format print.

  • Well, like your thread title says, hopefully this is helpful for other people as well.

    I think that's a handy tip on a 1024 x 683 picture size. Even though I'm nowhere near where I hope to be in even a few months, I'm still kinda proud of some of the shots I've been able to take. Listening to various podcasts, I've been starting to wonder how much I should be concerned about making sure I keep the rights to the pictures I take. What is the best site to present my pics while feeling safe about ownership and theft? I for sure know it's not Facebook and Instagram.

    Why is it that everyone uses Tumblr? Any thoughts on 500px? Reasons to not create a wordpress site? (... and what if I did end up getting Photoshop at fullprice last second on Dec. 31st and used Behance/Prosite?)

    All these thoughts have been going through my head.

    [Other thoughts include what else do I need to put together the perfect photography bag.]

  • I post most of my stuff right now under my Profile. In part cause if you know the community there, People keep their eyes out for each other when it comes to art theft. That my other Reason for the bit larger size. I want people to be able to appreciate it To a decent degree if they so choose. For years the 1024 ish in size has been my go to sharing size even before 1080p became the standard for monitors on the retail market. (in part cause when i was doing 3d work most of it looked like complete shit at anything below that since you lost most of the surface detail).

    I haven't really touched any of the newer social media sites around photosharing. Some people have been poking me to potentially adopt them as a info source. But I haven't looked into them at all.

    As for Camera bag let me tell you what I have in mine. Which i Recently bought a lowepro Flipside 400w bag to store all my stuff in. Plus it looks like a normal backpack so when I take my camera gear to class its not quite so obvious I have so much stuff with me. Bought this specific one because It was the best I could find locally and really needed a larger back in a hurry. (small town so not much when it comes to selection generally even at the pro shop). Its got enough room for two bodys, one being the extended size pro bodys. They say theres enough room for a body+300mm lens, I think there is probably enough room for 100-400 I am getting while its on the body.

    Inside it -


    currently 2x camera bodys one with lens attached (allmost allways 70-300 telephoto)

    18-55mm lens

    2x Canon Teleadapter

    Cable release

    Large Blower

    lens storage caps, and body storage caps.

    Extra Lens caps

    A selection of ring adapters for use with my filters.

    UV haze filters, Circular polariser, and some B+W Filters for contrast

    4 batterys for my 70D, 3 batterys for other body (I don't carry a charger with me currently there is room for it, but usually not anywhere to plugin anyways or have time for it)

    Lens Paper

    Flash media 2xCF, 2xSD

    straps (if I decide i want to use them they are there)

    Outside Pocket -

    More lens paper

    Camera setting quick refs

    Lens Cloths

    Lens cleaning spray

    My Ipad (for sharing pictures with people, Plus on the 70D I can use it as a remote trigger, Liveview viewer, Or Download and view shots on the larger more colorful screen to look for problems, Download pics)

    Couple of pens

    Stylus for ipad (incase I decide I want to do a quick edit in photoshop on my Ipad)

    Couple of Granola bars

    Roll of Acid free tape

    Pens, pencil, paper, Sometimes a sketch pad.

    Misc outside the case -

    Tripod on the tripod holder

    Water bottle

    Pair of large closed headphones sometimes, if i decide i want to listen to music while shooting where I don't have to worry about other people.

    That's everything currently, The bag still has a good deal of room in it for more lenses I had a small canon bag the came with my old 35mm EOS that i was keeping stuff in. But once you start putting multiple lenses in one of those, one of them being a telephoto, its not enough space, Not to mention big canon tag on it. I prefer to make it a little less obvious and harder to steal my stuff. Part of the reason for the back pack. Since its has clips on it to keep it on my body both while hiking around or to prevent someone from easily ripping it off me.

  • Right now I have the ClikElite Probody Sport with Computer Sleeve. Definitely not enough room for two bodies, unless I pick up a micro 4/3rds camera down the line. But I think it's a good size. (And not picking up a new body until at least a few years have passed sounds just fine to me.)

    Fliters I need to look into.

    Black Rapid Sport strap is a check

    Camelbak for water is a check.

    Blower is on it's way, but I do need to get lens cleaning solution and cloths.

    Tripod I'm still looking into.

    Picked up a small 5-in-1 reflector that fits into the top compartment.

    Also picked up the Click Elite Cliksit (chair) cause I couldn't resist. Also fits easily in the top compartment.

    My only other lens besides the kit 18-135 STM is the 40mm 2.8/f STM, so the other lens/flash pockets are empty. I know I'll want a nice wide angle and a macro lens eventually. But I know I can at least hold off until Black Friday/The Holiday Season to see what kinds of deals pop up before getting any other lenses.

    Backing the HipJib on kickstarter. That seems simple enough to work great, it's small and lightweight, but looks like it could be versatile once I get my tripod.

    I dunno if the StealthyPro kickstarter is going to make it to it's funding goal, but I'm still interested in it, even though that one more likely will not be worth as much for my money for the HipJib, unless I really do transition into videography mode. The HipJib does something unique, the StealthyPro I could replace easily with much cheaper, if separate, equipment.

    However an inbetween photography and videography is time lapse, and that very much does intrigue me. So I'm also looking into that. As well as light art photography, so I'm going to need to pick up some various light sources at some later point.

  • Ooh I like that chair, Thats Genius right there. Never thought about throwing that in my pack.

    One of the best reasons I have heard for investing in filters even if they are just uv haze filters is this "its cheaper to drop something on a lense and crack a filter and not the lens itself, same goes for scratching a filter, Much cheaper"

    I was also very interested to learn the difference about some of the filter coatings. The high end digital coatings for filters is in part due to the fact that Digital camera sensors reflect a certain amount of light back which can result in reflections off your filter through your lens stack.

    On the bag note if I was buying again, I would probably purchase the lowepro flipside 500w since it can hold larger telephoto lenses on the body. Most of my carry is gonna consist of large telephoto Lenses in most situations. Though I also have a bag i picked up at a local sporting goods store, that is a float bag. Which I figure I will store Lights in or other weather sensitive equipment that I am not storing on my back. When I am trekking through the forests I need a light source for macro photography. I also need something that won't soak up water when set on wet grounds. Or accidentally dropped in a creek or river.

    On the tripod front I would suggest not skimping on it. There are so many tripods you can get for cheap but once you really start using them, You need something super solid and stable. The cheapys and even some of the decent mid range ones, when under weight of a decent sized camera start to oscillate with wind or shutter movement. Which for long exposure is a ruiner. I am currently trying to find one thats easily portable but strong enough to hold 25lbs. haven't really found one yet, that isn't outside the price range of affordable.

  • Long exposures are definitely in my future, both for experimenting with light art and for the evening hours and night sky in general.

    When it comes to the chair, I've only unfolded/assembled it once, but it feels considerably more solid than the cheapo camping chairs I've tried in the past. I actually was a little scared when I assembled it and had to use it like a Thigh Master and had to put a bit of pressure on it to get the claps together. Afterwards, the straps on the sides were so taught that flicking them made it sound like they were giving off a metallic ring. (Perhaps the forced was channeled to the frame so well despite not touching the metal?) It's solidly built and I can believe it will hold it's 250 pound stated capacity just fine.

  • @Anominal: Adobe Released a version of lightroom, not sure if they are qualifying it as a patch or what, it hasn't quite shown up in the cloud updater yet. But its version 5.2, It has a number of 70D compatability fixes in it supposedly. The 70D raw files I opened in it didn't look any different they did before. :\

  • @TsunamiJuan Oh? Since I have no reference, what's wrong/different with how they look vs how they're supposed to look?

  • @Anominal: The problem on my body that i sent back was that there was no image sharpness 95% of the time, The focal point where it should be sharp and well define in a hardlight was fuzzy and overly grainy/noisey. Canon was telling me that it was partially a raw image problem, yet the JPG on my body where no clearer. But it was a good chance to see if it was additionally a RAW image parsing problem in lightroom. Since Lightroom does a certain amount of image parsing when it loads stuff into it.

    I think there is some other sub digitization data missing for when you used Live View or attempted to import dual pixel video into lightroom.

    I am gonna be waiting for another couple weeks before my replacement body shows up. Which is a load of poop, Luckily Canon's been pretty nice about the fact that one of their large retailers is being a pain in the butt. They upgraded me to Silver professional membership even though I don't currently Own enough to qualify for it yet. They also mentioned they would get in contact with me when they send Sales reps this way, to see if theres any lenses they should bring, that I would like to try. (since its a 5 hour drive to the bay area, and the local shop doesn't carry much of anything professional body or lens wise, Due to stocking costs)

  • @Anominal: So I got my replacement body today Luckily this one works correctly out of the box. But it did give me a chance this time to really play around with the lightroom support for High ISO image rendering. It seems that the 70D does still have problems rendering images correctly in Lightroom. It works correctly in Photoshop with rawimage 8.2 (which is the same base engine as lightroom uses) but for some reason it renders alot of extra noise in there for high ISO images. Low iso Images seem to work fine most of the time. I will go through and post some comparison shots tomorrow, since i need to write up a bug report and submit it to adobe with the same shots.

  • @TsunamiJuan Oh really. That's especially good to know. My 14 day trial of Lightroom just ran out, and I actually am considering trying to qualify for the Adobe photographer bundle. The more I play around with my camera, the more I think it might really be a long term hobby, so it could very well be worth the investment.

    (I'm actually putting together a list of things to ebay that are just gathering dust around my place. My Magic cards alone will get me a couple thousand depending on how many I want to part with. I've always had trouble with that, but this will be worth it. I'll have a nice pile of cash for the coming holiday sales.)