Any thoughts/experience with cheap stabilizers?

Created by Anominal on Sept. 8, 2013, 7:59 p.m.
  • I'm a frequent kickstarter backer, and I've seen plenty of stabilizers for phones/dslrs come and go, some more successful than others. I'm also a big fan of multi-tools. When you combine both of those interests, there's this little guy called the StealthyPro.

    It seems like it would nice and small and versatile to take on a hike. Record some nice establishing shots of trail with view, a field leading towards a lake, or whatever, and then go hunt down some perfect stills. Perhaps aided by the monopod function.

    Right now I'm focusing on learning photography, but I'd like to delve into hobbyist videography as well. That's one of the big reasons why I was attracted to the Canon 70D.

    Obviously the monopod function will work, it's all about just mounting a camera on a stick. The big question is do these cheap (and not full-sized, hollywood) stabilizers actually work?

    Edit: I'm sure I could get the pieces separately at a cheaper price. I feel comfortable that this kickstarter will be successfully completed considering they make actual professional gear. I'm sure I could get an individual monopod and stabilizer at a cheaper price, but I don't mind paying a bit more to have them more combined.

    I'm extremely skeptical that the more anemic stabilizers like this one on amazon actually work, but I'm hoping this step up will be able to suit my needs.

  • Friend and I made one similar to that cheapy one on amazon, out of weight from a fitness set, and some steel allthread rod. It Does help minimize shakes and make movement more fluid.

    I personally Love to hand shoot photowise, I could give a shit about taking video with it at this point in time, Partially cause I have access to professional HD cameras . That and Its just not something I enjoy doing. So I rather like the Image Stabelized lenses. Though I have noticed on my 70D since i got, that the default shutter selections tend to shake the camera a fair bit, and since my hands are quite large and the body is smaller than the previous one i had, the action of pressing the button introuces much more shakage than it did on the old body. Which is part of the reason I burst shoot like crazy. However If you switch the shutter into the silenced mode it doesn't seem to big quite as big in the shake department as the normal burst. High speed burst tends to be so fast that it balances itself out, Plus when i am using highspeed I am usually tracking the ISM takes care of most of that.

  • I built one of those $10 DIY Steadicams out of PVC and fitness weights once. I only stopped using it because it was really impractical for the kind of video I shoot, which is usually spontaneously shot in the midst of taking still photos. While it won't perform on the level of a $1,000 rig, those kinds of cheap stabilizers are a hell of a lot better than just trying to handhold your camera.

  • @lane@TsunamiJuan That's actually quite encouraging to hear from you guys.

    And @TsunamiJuan I'm slowly going through the features in the 70D. Definitely once the light gets dim, like when trying to capture my cats around the house in the evening, I'm not getting the shots I want. I'll try out burst mode and see how that goes. And I hope to pick up a tripod eventually, but I'm still in research mode when it comes to tripods and ballheads.

  • @Anominal: Yeah I find burst shooting is the best chances to get the shot you want if your using low shutter speeds. I get stuck in the 100-200 range alot, while shooting flowers in the wind. So the differance between blasting off a burst does tend to make the differance for getting the shots. I like to shoot at 100 ISO though, so unless theres alot of light and its often not super sunny here thats the risk I have to take to get the shots i want.

    I am lucky in that I had a collection of tripods and misc other stuff that was given to me. Tripod + cable Release is great for getting cleaner shots of stationary stuff. But the Image stabilized lenses and and a high shutter speed for action with practice for following and you can get the shots you want.