Adobe Photoshop Photography Bundle

Created by Anominal on Sept. 5, 2013, 1:21 a.m.
  • Whoa. Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5 for $9.99/mo (Plus Be whatever that is and 20GB of cloud storage) This is an insane deal right? If you can get grandfathered into this package by the end of the year?

    What are the chances that Adobe would force people out of this price point at some point in the future? Pretty small I'm guessing.

    On the flip side, what are the chances of Adobe's Creative Cloud prices ever dropping to around this price point in the future and this is just a testing of the waters for more consumer friendly packages?

    The only problem is you have to have Photoshop CS3 or greater.

    I happen to have enrolled into night classes this semester so I could choose to qualify by picking up CS6 at the Student price, so that would mean I'd need to use these programs for 33 months to "get ahead," if current prices are maintained as they are (for Photoshop alone at $19.99 a month). On the other hand, if Adobe continues to keep on adding features each year, I might very well be tempted to hop on board anyway.

    [Note: This is also not counting a Lightroom 6 upgrade price if you have to pay that... which I'm thinking is more likely than not from the way it's worded.]

    I got some thinking to do. I have some time to explore how I'm going to actually stick to photography as my newest hobby, and some time to play with a Lightroom free demo month.

  • I personally Love the adobe Creative Cloud Membership. I've been using it for around 5 months now, and the fact that when they release upgrades to the suites you instantly gain access to them is wonderful. Was very seamless to go from cs6 of everything into the CC versions which came out in july. But yes its generally a good deal. I am not sure if your camera has a bundle with it aswell for a price reduction some other hardware and software. I ended up getting an initial discount from adobe due to having purchased a new wacom tablet around the same time.

    I believe they also have a Creative Cloud student package which allows you access to all software for around the same price range. Without other licences as a prereq.

  • Oh, I forgot to subtract the price of buying a student edition of Lighroom 5 in my value calculation because I was likely to do that anyway. That's an $80 difference there. And I may have an idea to at least minimally take advantage of Be.

    It might be worth it to me to buy in.

    Now I just need to understand why the forums at dpreview are so hostile towards adobe. Is it simply because of the move to a subscription model? Or is there more to it.

  • Its partly that and that at random you will be working in cc apps, and if you don't have the app for it running in the background it will come up and hassel you to login. Plus People tend to think they are 100% tied into be forced to use the new updates when they come out which really isn't the case.

    The best Thing about CC is the ability to move your settings inside photoshop around multiple computers like say between your home, your tablet, and your office machines, easily. Same with what ever you are working on. Which is nice, I don't blame people for seeing as a negative cause once you put stuff in cloud you can potentially loose control of it and have someone attempt to claim a copyright on it. But you are not forced to save all your files to the cloud.

    Price was a big reason I choose to do it. I could ever every single adobe app to share between two machines for 1 year for 600$ or so, vs buying a photoshop cs6 extended licence and then having to pay for and upgrade every year. Not to mention this way I have the entire adobe software library. Just the making use of Acrobat for my business alone has been worth it. The photoshop and lightroom and illustrator and premier are just a great bonus. Since I use them for personal creatiity. Though the ability to do batch runs and quick tagging and watermarking has payed off for time spent. (Yeah I am starting to really enjoy using lightroom).

  • I don't mind at all the subscription aspect of adobe's new price model, as long as they keep on adding great new features like they've been the past several years in a row. If I end up hating it, at least I'll end up with PsCS6 and Lr5. As it is, getting a taste of PsCC and having a reason to use Be (Which I never heard of before) will be fun to explore with.

    I think I'm pretty set on taking up their offer. $50 a month for the full suite is too, even $20 for a single program on on ongoing basis is more than I'd want to pay. But I'd pay $9.99 a month for Photoshop alone. Throw in the possibility (but not certainty) for all upgrades for Lightroom, that's a really attractive package.

    As for Behance, I'm confused. It's kind of intimidating that it's a "professional" portfolio. What's a n00b like me doing with something like that? The idea was more attractive when I though it was simply a blogging platform like wordpress or blogger. However, because I did originally think that is what it was, it got me thinking about a blog I would like to create, so that's cool.

    With that said, I feel like it will be worth it for me because I can get in by getting CS6 at the student price. Full price would require a lot more evaluating.

    P.S. - I'm not sure if I want to talk about this, but the repetitive argument, "You're not subscribing! You're renting!" and "If you don't get to keep it after you stop paying, it's not a subscription!" over on dpreview (and I'm sure elsewhere) doesn't make any sense to me. First of all, why play the semantics game. Unless you are actually tricked by that phrasing, it's how it works not what it's called that matters. But if that game has to be played, I've subscribed to tons of stuff where you lose it after you stop paying. Cable for instance. And MMOs. And Xbox Live and plenty more I'm sure. So even the semantics argument falls flat for me.

  • Lightroom is extremely capable these days, I only really started playing around with it a few weeks ago after norm posted some stuff about it. I figured since I had a copy through the Adobe CC i would check it out. Now I barely touch photoshop or bridge for image editing, Unless its something that really requires me to split a image up into pieces to obtain a certain appearance after the fact. Otherwise the bulk of the image editing like cropping, tagging, Light adjustments (most of what you would do when developing a Image) all happen in Light room. Without the need to really even go into photoshop.

    It certainly makes the software purchases cheaper if your not needing to grab a bunch of extra software your only using on occasion. As for Be I haven't touched it at all yet. Mostly cause I don't maintain portfolio for the stuff I do these days. Its for me mostly. Though If people want prints that I know there is nothing preventing me from doing it. I just don't advertise the fact that I do the stuff.

  • Forgive my ignorance, but what does Bridge do? Be nice to know about another potential cost I might get sucked into.

  • Bridge for the most part is the RAW import package for adobe photoshop. Allowing you to do baseline editing to raws and tagging and metadata adjustment of images. Before Going into Photoshop to do advanced manipulations. Its Similar to Lightroom in places and I believe it shares some of the same code base in places. I never bothered to try out the catalog functions in bridge. Until recently I wasn't to worried with having a piece of software keep track of all my image files from imports. I have a habit of just knowing where they live on my drives to begin with. But since lightroom pretty much insist on making a catalog of images I've been letting it handle a lot of the stuff.

  • Hmm... it's hard to evaluate what I think of Bridge. No idea how useful editing metadata is, and from what I hear, Lightroom is already excellent at organizing in general. I'm sure there are reasons why pros use it, but I can probably do without it and don't need to think about it becoming an additional cost down the line.

    A bigger concern for me (I was pointed to check out is that someone commented that they have a student license of Photoshop, and it doesn't seem like they'll be able to get in on the deal. That changes my "buy-in" price from $335 to $612. (Minus $80 from each for the price of a student Lightroom 5 that I'll for sure be paying for if I don't go for this $9.99 package.)

    That might very well lead me to just buy Lightroom 5 as a standalone product and keep me away from trying out CC.

    Edit: I found my answer. According to this thread on the adobe forums only full priced copies of Ps C3-C6 count towards eligibility. Student/Teacher versions do not count.

    I guess that's a good way to keep a ton of amateurs from suddenly flooding Behance.

    Justifying a "buy-in" to the deal is extremely hard now, unless I want to delude myself into thinking that Behance will have more than minimal value. It would take five years at saving $10 a month to break even on a $9.99/month vs $19.99/month constant subscription to Photoshop.

    Well... with one lingering question if Lightroom full upgrades to Lightroom 6, 7, etc are free, which would shorten that timespan just a tad. Not to mention if Lightroom will remain as a standalone product or become absorbed into Creative Cloud.

    My best move is probably to just buying Lightroom 5 and leave it at that. I'm pretty disappointed now.

  • @Anominal: Honestly I think since your really only looking to do basicly editing mabye some healing, and lots of cropping. You could probably get away with never touching Photoshop. For most people they no interest in the time and the options that photoshop presents.

    For example how often do you think you have the drive to split an image into seperate layers so that you can manipulate and repose the original photo to make up for an item that moved in what was suppose to be 100% contiguous shooting of story or scene. Or How often are you gonna go in and recolor sections of a photo for creative reasons.

    The Simple fact about photoshop are this. ITs a wonderful tool if you know how to use it. But more people buy it and never touch it when they first buy cameras or buy new computers cause people tell them its the only way to go for stuff. Not taking into account it has a learning curve and it has a steep price tag.

    If anything download the trial which I believe is a fully unlocked version of photoshop for X number of days. Then try it out see if its too your liking. See if the learning curve acceptable for you or if its just to much of a time sink. Chances are Lightroom might more than fill your needs and its pretty cheap even as a stand alone copy right now.

  • @TsunamiJuan Oh, I'm not unfamiliar with Photoshop. Let's say I've used it in the past on a friend's computer for things here and there. It's definitely a great program, and ignoring photography, I wouldn't use it all the time, but would probably switch between spurts of moderate use and spurts of no use at all, but enough that the effective price of $120/year through Creative Cloud isn't outrageous now that I'm working and not just a full-time student. And putting up bit more to buy-in at the student price to get in on the photography bundle isn't unreasonable from my point of view. But when you double that, that's where it seems like it's a no go for me.

    Lightroom 5 for $80 seems to be the way to go.

    On the bright side for people who actually qualify, Bridge is included in the bundle. They don't say it in the announcement, but it says so in the bundle FAQ.