Home security cameras?

Created by Anominal on Sept. 4, 2013, 6:25 p.m.
  • Since I'm here... I just remembered I'm in need of something other than DSLR help.

    I don't know if anyone can help me, but any suggestions on getting home security cameras? The kinds with good night vision and motion sensing that auto-record to a computer when they detect motion? Probably a 3 or 4 camera setup.

    Been having some issues lately that will make sleeping and leaving the house a lot easier.

  • To get the better camera, i suggest you choose the famous camera, for example, the foscam, it give you the same complete control over your home security are that you’ve never been able to afford before in a system that has been created specifically to keep an eye over your property when you are miles and miles (and even half a world) away. Every single detail on the Foscam FI8918W wireless camera has been created to give you total control over your security platform – meaning that you’ll never have to worry about anything ever again, it’s a cheap ip camera. it also is a real-time ip camera monitoring system, you could install several camera on different place, and monitor every room.

  • I work in a security control room and would recommend buying a dedicated CCTV DVR that can be networked so you can view anywhere in the world via a web page, Not sure how this can be done with wireless cameras though, I have a 4 channel DVR in my house (soon to be home) but i have the luxury of renovating so i can run coax through walls and under floors.

    With cameras if you are going with a standard analog CCTV camera the quality is measured in TVL (Television lines) with TVL starting at 420 the image quality is ok for most but not great, and a higher TVL number will result in a better quality image.

    A good majority of cameras come housed with infrared LED's so seeing at night shouldn't be a problem, Sorry i can't help you on the issue of motion detection but let me know what you've done, if possible post pictures of your setup.

  • Pelco makes systems which would cover your needs. Very good resolution. Fully programmable and controllable. They can automatically track someone in view. But they're targeted towards commercial, so they aren't cheap!

  • http://www.amazon.com/DEFENDER-21030-SENTINEL-8-Channel-Resolution/dp/B007ULT4KE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388156424&sr=8-1&keywords=defender+security+system

    I bought and installed the security system linked above. I have two watching my driveway and two at the entrances to the rear of my house. They work quite well during the day but I would recommend having a motion light to illuminate the cameras field of view if the viewing area has no ambient light at night. My install for 4 camera took about an hour and the software is easy enough to operate.

  • @kitchb32: Did you do anything to protect it from the open security issues?

  • @bottleworks: I did not connect it to my home network. I believe you were asking about securing it within a home network and accessing the system through the web? I mainly have the system to keep an eye on our vehicles due to past break ins. We live on street that dead ends with a cul de sac, the cameras will catch any unknown vehicles or passer bys that do not belong. So far I have caught one individual browsing through my SUV and jeep as well as my neighbors cars. While nothing was taken or damaged I was able to show the neighbors and raise awareness in the neighborhood.

  • We have this system at work (using four cameras) and it works well enough that I've been thinking about getting a similar setup for home use.


  • It is possible to modify a Raspberry Pi and the official camera to work as a security camera. With a bit of work you could probably make an IR spotlight and possibly remove the IR filter (if such a thing exists on the PiCam). It would be a standalone webserver with SSH capability.

    If you use the GPIO board for the Pi you could make the controlling webpage able to switch the IR-leds on and off. For further extension of the project you could use the same board to control two servos for rotating the camera. As for a housing you could get a cheap, dummy camerahousing from Amazon or Ebay.

  • @kitchb32 said:

    @bottleworks: I did not connect it to my home network.

    That's the best way to avoid the security holes for sure!

  • Home security cameras play an important role in people's daily life to prevent potential dangers.The phone jammer can function as well as the security cameras.It can block phone signals to create a quiet condition and in special places it can protect the information from giving out by sell phones.

  • If on a budget, use an old Android device and the free app 'motion detector'. It's off-topic but very cool and well designed.

  • I've installed a lot of camera systems, if you want good quality video be wary of most "good priced" kits. What is your price range and how many indoor/outdoor cameras? It is hard to give you an exact recommendation without knowing a few things.

    1) Number of indoor, number of outdoor.

    2) Price Range

    3) Future expansion (will you possibly want to add on later)

    4) Accessibility: Can you run wires in your walls/house back to a central location, or will you most likely have to do wireless.

    5) Video Quality Requirements/Night vision distance/FOV angle for what you are trying to catch, as well as possible need for adjustments on zoom/focus.

    Almost any camera/wireless/ip/cctv/dvr can be accessed via smart phone these days. The quickest way would be to locate a few high quality wireless IP cameras and set them up with a CMS app on your phone.

    HD wired cameras are amazing, but would require running siamese pair back to a central location to a DVR, and can be a bit pricey.

    If you want some help just shoot me a message, Im bad at following up with threads.