First DSLR. Canon 70D. Recommend any dslr/photography (even videography) resources?

Created by Anominal on Sept. 4, 2013, 11:09 a.m.
  • This is what I've been going through so far:

    - - [Lessons] - Great beginner lesson series that's free.

    - Owner's Manual - [Manual] - It helped that I read through photoclass2013 first before getting my hands on the manual. I feel like it helped me understand a lot of the lingo in the manual a lot quicker.

    - - [Lessons - Photography and Photoshop] - Just discovered this, but it looks very promising.

    - - [Website / Podcast / Lessons] I discovered the site through their podcast, and I have to say having a simple and straightforward recommended gear list helped me focus on what kind of gear, quality, and price I should be looking at. Before that I was quite overwhelmed. I'm tempted to pay for a basic course or two that they offer.

    - This Week in Photo - [Podcast] - Fantastic, informative, and practical covering a wide range of topics.

    - - [Website] - One of the few photography forums that I can find.

    - - [Website] - One of the other forums that I could find. (I didn't look for Nikon or other branded forums because I picked up a Canon. I'm sure those exist as well.)

    - Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition - [Book with videos - Bryan Peterson] - I'm learning a lot from this book. Obviously about exposure. The author includes a website link (you have to prove you own the book by answering questions) with some short videos to further demonstrate what's in the book.

    - The Passionate Photographer - [Book - Steve Simon] - I have not yet read this book, but it was highly recommended in one of the podcasts I was listening to and I intend to pick it up. If I understand it right, it's about the mindset of a photographer more than anything technical.

    **TL;DR - Any recommended websites, books, podcasts to check out online? Any local resources for someone who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area?**

    So that sums up where I'm at right now. Are there any resources anyone else recommends I check out? Any good books, websites, etc? So far I know I like taking shots of nature, animals and landscapes, as well as night shots and I'd probably like to do some time lapse stuff.

    But I also don't want to limit myself. While dropping off some friends at the airport I managed to capture a beautiful shot of them and the surroundings and it made me realize I really shouldn't limit myself I want to explore every aspect of photography to find out through experience what I actually like.

    (I know I'm particularly lacking in the area of lighting.)

    I also live in the San Francisco Bay Area. It couldn't hurt to know about any recommended local resources.

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    Theres a bunch of good info here pertaining directly to canon bodys, and some other general info thats helpful that ranges across all SLR's.

    Hopefully you like the 70D, I ordered one the otherday just waiting for it to show up :)

  • Thanks Rallier, Norm, and TsunamiJuan! I love how different all the suggestions are. Hopping around different sites/podcasts/books is the way I've been learning, and this just gives me more places to hop to.

    And Rallier, I can promise you I'm not beyond repeating over and over the basics of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. I've only had the camera exactly a week now, so I feel like really hammering in a strong foundation can't be a bad thing. I'm pleased with the little I've been able to so far, so thinking about what I might be able to do once I really understand what I'm doing is exciting. =D

  • Once you start getting a feel for it you should go shoot pictures on some extremely sub optimal days and play around with the manual shooting more during that. It Can help you figure out the quirks of the body better.

    You might also consider getting yourself a app on your phone for calculating depth of field if your interested in doing extreme close ups and macro photography.