Whats filters are your favorites to use

Created by TsunamiJuan on Aug. 13, 2013, 1:04 p.m.
  • As I have been investing more and more money lately In my camera hardware and supplies. I have begun picking up filters. I was wondering what filters some of you guys have been using, and which are your favorites :)

    Thanks In Advance :)

  • Variable Fader ND Filers are a must. Polaroid make some pretty great entry level ones, definitely worth playing around with!

  • A good polarizing filter.

  • @simian: Yeah I bought a Ring Polarizer last weekend, and man ooh man do I love that thing, Its Just spot On nature shots and the color saturation I am looking for most of the time. Wasn't cheap but worth every cent.

  • Yeah, I use a polarizer aswell. Really usefull when you are photographing outside. Funny to play around with. I also have a UV filter just as a protection for my lens. If you drop your lens it's cheaper to buy a new UV filter that the expensive lens itself.