Good camera for beginners?

Created by Snail on July 30, 2013, 7:43 p.m.
  • Hey testedudes and testedettes! Testeduders?

    I just made that up!


    I've read and watched way too many reviews, breakdowns and previews of cameras not to own one of my own. And yet, as fate would have it, I do not. But I finally intend on changing that, and find myself wondering what would be a good, sensible choice for a first photographic device.

    I know Norm has strongly recommended the Sony RX100 for amateurs - but that camera stands at a higher price point than what I personally deem this blossoming hobby warrants. I'm thinking of getting a CSC rather than a DSLR for the sake of portability - a questionable decision that I'm not incredibly set on. I'm also looking at DSLRs such as this one (which actually still costs more than what I'd like to spend).

    So, I once again turn to the Tested community for technology advice. What do you duders recommend a person just getting into photography as a passive hobby, with little hands-on experience but a basic knowledge about the essentials of photography, acquire as an introductory device? I don't really have a budget, but I don't want to spend upwards of 300€ on this thing (that's about 400$US). Is the RX100 worth the high price point in my situation?


  • @Snail: If you're looking to spend less, i would recommend looking second hand. The RX100 is a great choice for it's portability and quality of shots, it's fantastic but it is really expensive. The camera i would recommend for your price range would be the Panasonic LX7, fantastic camera for less money and has all the manual controls you need to learn.

    if you are looking at CSC (more commonly referred to as mirrorless) the Sony NEX3 are great, and also panasonic GF series are plentiful on ebay and are therefore a complete bargain, and then you can put your money into lenses.

    My personal recommendation would be if you can get it cheap, is a Panasonic GX1 and then pick up the 20mm 1.7mm lens.

    Lastly i would say is stay away from the Canon EOS M least for now, looks promising but has a lot of issues.

    hope that helps.