New or Used Camera, Help Please.

Created by MrGutts on May 18, 2013, 1:52 p.m.
  • Hey guys,

    It has come to my attention that I have had really bad luck picking out cameras. Unlike other tech. My latest failed attempt was the Nikon J1 with the lens kit, that camera is just terrible is so many ways. It even likes turning on itself. I even shipped back to Nikon once for repairs.

    But side from that I am looking for a nice entry level DSLR. I would like it to have interchangeable lens, auto focus system built into the camera and not the lens system and a view finder, it really sucks looking at a LCD alone for pictures. I am not apposed to a used of refurbished camera.

    So can someone help me out? Point me in a good direction?


  • @MrGutts: Name a price.

    I think that essentially it boils down to this:

    MFT (Micro four-thirds) cameras are the (almost) quality of entry-level DSLRs, with increased portability. Interchangable lenses. Recall that the best camera is the one you have with you, so it's worth it to have something that you WILL carry around with you. I think the Sony NEX-5 is the winner here. Might want to check that fact.

    If you want a real DSLR... a bit bulkier, but larger selection of lenses and the ability to grow to the best-of-the-best lenses and cameras. Here the best options are Nikon (D500???) Or Canon (Tx/Txi series)

  • Thank you for the advice guys.

  • question on if one gets an old one: exposure count is how much of a factor?

  • My first piece advice is always to go and get hands on with a camera, you'll use a camera more and usually better if you feel confident with it. Also decide how big a camera you want to lug around cause this will again effect how often you'll carry/use a camera.

    Can't mention much in terms of the DSLRs but for mirrorless

    NEX 3 and 5 models are great.

    Olympus EP1&2 are great cheap cameras with tons of features but are a little older but iso performance isn't great due to their age, but they are MFT so great lens choices

    if you're looking to splash out, look at the olympus OMD, the reviews are phenomenal.

    Second hand for me is the way to go, cameras are one of those items that people really look after, and you'll get them cheaper and usually with extras (batteries (first or third party), cases, straps). remember that second hand doesn't always mean old.

  • Well it came down to it, I went with @Sonowake 's camera idea. I got a small deal with the Olympus OMD kit this past weekend, plus got a nice extra entry level 40-150mm telephoto lens with a rebate. Now I just need to find a fast indoor lens and i'll be set.

  • @MrGutts: take a look at the panasonic 20mm f1.7 or 17mm f1.8 from olympus

  • @Sonowake: Wow that little 17mm is 500 buck's and doesn't even come with a hood. haha. What do you think about the

    Olympus ZD 45/1.8? Same speed with a little more versatile in it, I have seen some shots in low light conditions and they do look great. The bad thing is, I think that 45 is made from that plastic composite stuff.

    I wonder what Norm and some other folks use at Conventions and stuff to shoot portrait style shots in lower light.

  • @MrGutts: haven't used the 45 1.8 so couldn't say personally but it does have good reviews, also remember the m43s has a 2x crop so it's essentially a 90mm, not sure that'll work indoors that well without quite alot of space.

    Plastics are also fine for lenses.

  • Ahhhh ok thank you. Can't wait for my first class, really start learning this thing.