Created by thatlad on April 16, 2013, 3:25 p.m.

  • Hey tested

    I'm due to be a dad in the next couple of months and my wife has been throwing hints for a camcorder to record the sprog once it's born (not the birth! Noooo!). Anyway I've been thinking on this:

    A camcorder seems a bit pointless, they're a one use device in a multi-device world. They don't seem to offer anything more than her iphone 4s or my galaxy S3 (both 1080p @ 30fps) does, except if you're looking at something like the gopro or some other specialised camera, which isn't really necessary for baby's first steps, maybe baby's first motocross....

    I'm also thinking the convenience factor, a phone tends to be to hand, while a camcorder wouldn't always be around.

    I was considering a sony NEX camera, a good camera makes sense and I can see one of those paired up with a phone for recording may be a good fit. Or maybe the phone is 'good enough'

    I'm not an expert in these things, can anyone offer any thoughts?