DSLR shoulder bag?

Created by frytup on Dec. 27, 2012, 8 p.m.
  • Can anyone recommend a good camera bag? I'm looking for shoulder style. Should be able to fit a DSLR with lens attached, two additional lenses, and a variety of accessories. Preferably one that suspends the camera facing down without the attached lens actually touching bottom.

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  • I have the lowepro passport sling and really like it especially for the price. The one caveat based on your criteria is that the included padded pouch only has room for the camera w/ lens + 1 other lens. I carry 3 lenses all the time by keeping the third in its own padded case which I don't mind. I find that 90% of the time I'm only swapping between 2 lenses anyway.

    One of my favorite things that I didn't actually think I would use but actually use all the time is the expandable main pocket area. It's great for keeping the bag small when you don't need the space but then balooning the available space when needed.


  • I've been a big fan of the Timbuk2 Snoop bags for quite some time now. I have the Small version of the bag and its plenty of space for a medium sized dSLR (Canon 40D in my case) with lens attached, room for two other lenses and space for a longer 70-200mm telephoto or a flash unit. In a pinch it can alo accomodate a 13" laptop, but it starts getting pretty crowded at that point. Tumbuk2 are newcomers to camera bags, but they've made a lot of smart choices for keeping your kit organized and making everything easy to get at when you need it. Plus, its a really ruggedly built bag that's weatherproof and will still look great after its seen its share of knocks.

  • I bought this bag:


    and put in this insert:


    I traveled all over the US with this setup with my Nex 5N with 18-55mm lens + 50mm lens + 210mm lens+ cleaning accessories+ bounce flash. It was great because you could also throw the laptop in there as well + a book or two.

  • I use the Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger (medium size) which can be found here (with their other camera bag styles). http://www.timbuk2.com/tb2/shop/function/camera

    I like it because where I work I'm not allowed to have cameras for security reasons so I can use the same bag for work and general use (mostly dragging my camera around!) by just pulling out the camera insert when I'm using it for work.

    I typically carry a Nikon D5000, two spare lenses, a speedlight, a Nikon battery charger, and sometimes even carry a 15" ENVY laptop with power brick and mobile mouse if I'm staying overnight somewhere. The bag gets pretty heavy with the laptop, but it all fits.

    I've never had quality issues with Timbuk2 bags and the Snoop is no different.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm leaning more toward backpack-style now as it solves a number of problems, and is more versatile. May also end up getting a shoulder bag at some point.

    I'll have to order a couple and just try them. Starting with this... Kata DL-466

  • I've got both the Timbuk2 Snoop and the Kata 3N1 and both are pretty decent. The Kata is better for for hauling more gear while the Snoop is easier to travel with.

  • I really like and use the http://www.golla.com/products/#/camera/razo it's just about as large that makes sense to be a shoulder bag, there's a ton of pockets, and dividers, has a dedicated cloth covered ipad slot, but best of all, holds a 16oz zojirushi perfectly.

  • I actually was considering a shoulder bag specifically for my DSLR, but I said screw it, I'll just buy an insert for my Rickshaw Commuter. Interestingly enough, I'm looking into one of the Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Inserts since Rickshaw doesn't make them for some reason. The ones by Domke don't look bad either.

  • While expensive (you can find it cheaper elsewhere), Dakine gear is really good.


    I have an older version of the sequence bag and it's awesome. The backpacks come with a shoulder bag than pulls out of the backpack and can be used separately. You don't have to take all your stuff out and put it in a shoulder bag if you just want to use the shoulder bag, you just unzip the backpack pull it out and go and then your left with an entire backpack you can stuff extra crap in.

    Here is a more in depth view of the Mission bag.