Sensor size Vs. DOF?

Created by PiltdownMan on Nov. 2, 2012, 3:44 a.m.

  • So during the 24 hr marathon Norm called Will out on sensor size not having anything to do with DOF. How do we handle this as a community? I was more of a Giantbomber before the break but still enjoy the tested podcasts. The camera segments do bug me sometimes I've worked as a photo pro, and I understand the advantages of being able to actually look through the lens vs computer screen telling me what the sensor sees however long later. I've already gotten myself off topic.

    Anyways, here is a very good article that articulates differences in sensor sizes along with the fact that as sensor size increases DOF decreases. Am I saying Norm being the Tested camera "know-it-all" should have known this or maybe not have gloated about being wrong? I don't know. Hopefully he'll correct his errors because part of the problem with compact sensors in phones and pocket cameras is that they don't have much control over DOF because of small sensor size. That is one of the harder things to overcome in one of those cameras creating nice "bokeh" in the entire range of photos that they are meant to work in. It's also why your "good" EVIL camera takes ok pictures. It has a bigger sensor than your phone. Toss the same lens on your cell and it has the same sensor size. Do tests with the same lens on a 7D and a 5D and using the same lens the 5D is going to have a narrower DOF. That's all there is to it, sensor size is indeed a part of DOF and when you make fun of Will for being wrong for things he's correct on in photography it gets my dander up. I don't know if I was polite about it I hope I was, but I hope I was also a little abrasive so that you'll do a little more research into photography.

    If I'm an asshole I'm sorry...

    I'm working on my master's in history thesis right now while switching jobs, please forgive me but that comment in the thing just set me off.

    I usually play nice...