Picked Up Sony NEX-C3

Created by sw0rdfish on April 26, 2012, 1 p.m.
  • You might want to check that the NEX-3 has a "bulb" setting (or equivalent), and that someone makes a compatible remote shutter release. Without that feature, long exposures such as the Space Station shot are going to be difficult. I don't know for sure, but I suspect you may have to go with the NEX-5 for that kind of photography.

  • @sw0rdfish: That's a nice shot! I've got a soft spot for long exposure pictures, but I could see blowing that up to a nice wallpaper size and using that on my desktop.

    If you get any more good results, post `em here or start up a photo thread (I don't think we have one) as I'd love to see more.

  • Hey duder, i believe the nex camers can use any IR remote to open and close the shutters. The sony one is about $30, but apparently any IR remote will work.

    I have a 5n, I need some help shooting a night sky. I have a an old 50mm prime set to infinity and this is the best I have gotten so far.


    I just want to maximize the possible number of stars. This was shot on the southside of Chicago so definitely not a good place just because of light pollution to shoot. Next weekend if it is clear enough I want to go stargazing and see if I can get a better photo.

    The Nex series is great, this photo was shot with that same 50mm prime at about 2am. The camera was set on a surface so it was stabilized but it was like pitch black in the alley.


  • You could try the 2 second timer and do 30 second exposures and stack them in Photoshop or something like the free app below: