Used Canon 5D or Nikon D700

Created by nikonganstah on March 25, 2012, 3:13 a.m.
  • @nikonganstah: I'm not sure what you're asking... :P

    Both Nikon and Canon are very similar performance wise. If you have glass that's worth something, you can keep on with Nikon. I'm personally a Canon guy, but there is no sense throwing money down the drain if you don't have a preference.

    Ken Rockwell does an alright review. He's pretty contriversial on some things, but he's ok for this sort of stuff. As you can see, it really doesn't matter. There are a few differences, but each has its strong and weak points. If you're curious if the grass is greener on the other side, then go for it. If you want to stay with what you're comfortable with, that's good too.

  • I generally prefer Nikon when it comes to the best stills camera, when video is not a priority, basically.

    Plus you already have some gear, it's nice to not have to start from scratch.

  • Is Nikon the same as Canon when it comes to it's lens (e.g EF-S full frame compatibility vs EF / L)? You might not have a choice when it comes to ditching your current glass.

  • @nikonganstah:

    If you really don't care about your current gear, it all comes down to which brand feels more comfortable to you. In terms of menu, settings... which one will allow you to focus the most on your shot, and not on your gear.