35mm cartridge replacement

Created by yellownumber5 on Sept. 9, 2012, 3:47 a.m.
  • I love my old Minolta from 1997, and I have heard about digital 35mm film cartridge replacements for old school SLRs. Has anyone heard of these?

  • @yellownumber5: Well, the only digital back I ever heard of that wasn't medium format or above was Leica's DMR, but it's not a 24x36, it's a weird stuff, smaller. Plus it's pretty old, so completely outdated compared to a half way decent contemporary DSLR. I think it was a 10MP (or 12?), it was very chunky, and more importantly, I think was only for Leica R series...

    Does that answer your question?

    Also, what have you heard about those? I might be interested too...

  • @Greg818Since I put the post up I did a little more digging. It seems anything that turns up is a concept, such as the RE-35. There was also a cartridge called Silicon Film that was a reality till it couldn't sustain funding according to this press release. I think a Digital 35mm film cartridge is still a pipe dream at this point. I can understand the market for something like this would be small when there are plenty of decent DSLRs out there. For me right now I'm looking for a new camera, and I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a camera that replicates all the feeling of analog mechanical control when I already have one that is the real thing.

  • @yellownumber5: It really doesn't replicate, it's just the same thing with a sensor instead of a film... Not sure I see where you're going with that.

    The problem with that kind of design (cartridge instead of back), is that there's no way to see your shots on the spot, which is one of the two big aspects that make digital cameras interesting, and the latitude for error with digital cameras in quite smaller compered to films.

    But yes, I think 35mm might not be worthy of the adaptation (I mean, not like a medium format that will be more expensive in pretty much every aspect, that you really would hold on to), they weren't that good that no camera today could outperform theme, and the price of such a device would be high enough that very very few people would buy it.

    But you can find some very nice bodies on the second hand market (got to check in person though).