So I dropped my camera, what do I do?

Created by Jayross on March 15, 2012, 6:48 p.m.
  • Hmm... so my camera took a significant drop of three feet onto a hard floor. It was in the case at the time, but alas, it was not enough.

    I see no exterior damage but when I look through the viewfinder, the image is just very dark and blurry. It gives me an error telling me to push the shitter button again.

    It's a Nikon D3100.

    So, do I take it in to a local repair place? That's probably the best move, right?
  • Pick it up?
  • @katanalauncher:  Oh man, that's beautiful. A total dick move, but god damn did that have me laughing.

    @Jayross:  First off, I'd question why your camera has a "shitter" button. :D After that, yeah, sounds like a repair trip to me.
  • @katanalauncher@Mirado both of you guys are assholes.
  • @Jayross:  It probably needs to be returned to Nikon for repair. Out of curiosity, can you see any damage inside the camera when you take the lens off?
  • @Jayross:  And yet you didn't fix the typo! :D

    But really, it sounds like you may have messed up the sensor. I'm not an expert but I agree with CROM, pull the lens off and check it out.
  • @Mirado:  Not sure about the sensor, but if the viewfinder appears dark or obstructed, there might be a problem with the mirror, or viewfinder system. Or...

    Also, check if the lens is damaged. If you have a second lens, put it on to compare. You might have just killed the lens, and the camera might be fine.
  • @Mirado I made the typo because I was on my iPhone, and I can't edit it because I am on my iPhone. ;)

    I'll take it to a local place that is very good with this and hope they can fix it.

    @CROM Yeah I hope that is the case, but I don't have another lens to try that out.
  • @CROM:  Like I said, real limited camera knowledge. Can you actually mess up a sensor?

    @Jayross: Regardless, best of luck and hopefully it doesn't come out too expensive for you.

  • @Mirado:  You can, but it's much more likely that something mechanical was damaged. The sensor is solid-state, so it's less prone to kinetic shock damage than other components. However, if they get scratched on the surface, that's bad. Even tiny particles of dust resting on the surface can be very noticeable in pictures, so you can imagine what a scratch would do.