Photos from an iPhone:

Created by Jayross on March 15, 2012, 6:40 p.m.
      Father and Boy on a Motorcycle
    I have gathered some of the best shots I have taken using an iPhone (3G and 4). 
    Please let me know what you think. What is your favorite?  
    I have been thinking about getting a DLSR; just seeing if that would be a good purchase or not. 
    EDIT: So what is the entry price for a good DLSR? What brand is the 'best'?
  • You have a good sense of framing and subject matter/subject placement, I'm rather impressed.  It'd be pretty interesting to see what you could do with a DSLR and the capabilities that come with one. 
    The two brands that are "best" are Canon and Nikon.  Olympus and Pentax make some descent ones as well but you won't be able to carry over any lenses you buy if you switch to a different brand because the mounts are different.  I'm a Nikon person but there's some pretty nice Canon Rebels out there that are Canon's entry level DSLRs. From Nikon, you'd be looking at the D3000 or D5000 if you want to buy new.  I, personally have a D80 which has been nothing but absolutely fantastic and I'm sure you could find a used one pretty cheap these days.  I have an ex-girlfriend who had one of the higher end Olympus E-Volts that wasn't too shabby either.
  That site will give you all the information you could ever want about damn near any digital camera out there.
  • @Jayross: "Father and Boy on a Motorcycle" might be my favorite.  Can't believe that was taken with a phone.  
  • @Jayross: The Moroccan mountains are really great, but the two last photos really ..., I guess these are HDRs, colors are really weird. But overall, really nice. And like 100Hz, I really like the dudes on a "brelon". 
    Regarding a real camera, before even considering the brand, I'd ask you: are you sure you want a DSLR? Because it definitely changes a lot in terms of weight and volume, you need a bag to carry it around, it drags a lot of attention (you probably don't want to go to Morocco with only a dslr).  
    And if you never had a digital camera before, I really recommend not to take a Canon, their ergonomic is a mess, lean toward Panasonic for a first time.Though, if you know you're really going to get into photography (as opposed to shooting images), take right away something that will allow you to keep your lens, like a canon, nikon or sony. When you'll upgrade, you'll be able to keep (some of?) your lens. 
    Also, the one thing that you'll really want, no matter what kind of body, or brand you'll chose, is the ability to shoot RAWs. 
    I've been told Panasonic's µ4/3 are pretty ddecent for the price, but they don't like low light...
  • @Helushune Thanks, I'll take a look at some of the Canon or Nikon cameras.

    @100_Hertz@Skreddle Thanks, that one is my favorite, too.

    @Greg818 Yeah... I do enjoy the convenience of the iPhone camera... I'm still not sure if a DLSR is right for me... I'll need to think about it.

    Thanks for the input everyone.
  • @Jayross: Really nice work. It goes to show that the most important assets for photography are a keen eye and an interesting subject.
    Some of the others indicated that Canon and Nikon should be preferred over other brands. I don't agree with that; although Canon and Nikon are the most popular (and therefore have the most third party lenses/accessories available), some of the other brands are definitely worth considering. Pentax makes some really nice DSLRs, which are apparently very well built. Sony's are also quite good, and their new SLT (single-lens translucent; they have a semi-transparent stationary mirror instead of one that gets flapped around, allowing for high burst framerates in a relatively inexpensive camera) models are quite innovative. As for Olympus, their E-series DSLRs are quite nice as well, although it looks like they're going to kill off that brand soon. I wouldn't discount Pentax and Sony so quickly; many third party lenses (such as those made by Tamron and Sigma) are also made for those brands these days.

  • @CROM: Hey, I mentioned both Olympus and Pentax.  If Pentax's DSLRs are anything like their "old" 35mm cousins, they're excellent cameras in terms of build quality.  I used to tote around one in high school along with a Nikkormat FTn for black and white photography back when that was still a thing.  I think all you kids just use digital these days.