Nikon D3100 or canon eos 500D (t1i) little help please...

Created by JoMate on March 15, 2012, 6:36 p.m.
  • so I want to buy an new slr and I am doubting between these two, I can get both for almost the same price, and the main focus will be making pictures and not filming. 
    but my problem is usually when I buy something this expansive and choose one, I find out later when I'm diving into the device that the other option would have been better, so does anyone of you knows which one would be the better one so that I wont be bummed once more?
  • I have a Canon T2i (550D) which is an excellent camera that I highly recommend. From what I've read, the T1i is also quite good, so if you're not interested in video, the cost savings on the T1i are probably worthwhile. The T2i is slightly better at high-ISO than the T1i, and has a higher resolution (megapixels don't matter, but improved image quality/noise levels, while increasing the resolution? That's something to think about). 
    As for the Nikon D3100, it looks like it'll be a great camera as well, but it's still early yet. If I were you, I would wait for reviews to come out to be safe.
  • @CROM:
    thanks I didn't even realized that the 3100 was only released a few days, anyone knows how long it usual takes for reviews to come up?
  • (oh man what an unfortunate name for a website) has a preview up right now and they're usually pretty thorough when it comes to that sort of stuff.
    Looking at the Status Screenshots I'm a little jealous at the eye candy. Not enough to sell all my Canon gear mind you but it would be nice for the other manufacturers to take inspiration from.
  • well after reading some very bad things about 500d and low light I went with the 3100 testing now I'l post on how it is...

  • @JoMate:  That's interesting, because the 550D (which I have) is quite good in low light, for what it is. I look forward to seeing samples from your D3100.