Favicon broken

Created by fremin on March 15, 2012, 6:36 p.m.
  • Hi guys, the favicon link is broken.

    It's pointing to http://media.tested.com/media/vine/img/favico.ico which should be http://media.tested.com/media/vine/img/favicon.ico
    Good luck on the website!
  • Neither of those links work for me. But while we're on the topic, that's not the right MIME type for .ico file and I don't even think it's really a .ico file. Giant Bomb and Comic Vine use a GIF file with a .ico extension. There's no reason to use a misleading extension. Only Internet Explorer requires .ico files for favicons, and faking the extension won't cause the browser to think think a GIF is a ICO. It's actually more likely to fail if a browser trusts your choice of extension and MIME type.
  • I noticed this, figured that they may not have loaded up a favicon yet. But like Andrew said, neither of those links seem to work. 
  • I'm getting nothing off those links. Still, it would be nice to have a favicon for this site, since it's sitting on my bookmarks bar.
  • Firefox seems to be using the default http://www.tested.com/favicon.ico for me, so I actually do see a favicon. But as I suspected, it's actually a GIF with a .ico extension.
  • I don't see a favicon at all. Google Chrome, Windows XP.
  • @choffy21 said:
    " I don't see a favicon at all. Google Chrome, Windows XP. "
    Same here.  Chrome in Win7.
  • Well yes, the image is still broken. You can tell by clicking the either link in the first post. The only reason it works in some browsers is because those browsers assume the favicon is at /favicon.ico if the file can't be read. Which in this case it is.
  • No, the link didn't work because it was parsed out weirdly for some reason. Selecting the entire link in Chrome and then right click > go to "address" works for the second one. The first one is broken as the OP stated. The icon appears to be a tiny pixelated hunk of meat.
  • Oh yeah, second one works if you click the correct part of the link. http://media.tested.com/media/vine/img/favicon.ico 
    What is that thing supposed to depict? All I know is it's a PNG and still not a proper icon file. Someone needs to tell the developers that the extension and MIME type for ICO files should only be used when the image is actually in the ICO format. Internet Explorer won't render it regardless.
  • It's a very tiny piece of cartoony meat, the kind you'd see on old loony toons shit. Zoom in on it.

  • Zoom in? It's a 16x16 raster image. I'm not going to see anything new by enlarging the pixels.
    It actually did look kinda like meat to me, but since this site has little to do with meat I figured I must have misinterpreting it.