Whats wrong with all the spam posts?

Created by Sintoxic on Feb. 20, 2020, 3:32 a.m.
  • Why is 80% of the content in the forum spam to some magical pills etc.? Are there no protections against stuff like this?

  • @Sintoxic: Also incidentally, it's been November since Tested released any premium content. What exactly are we paying for?

  • @Brian_the_Jeweler: True...Was wondering about that too :(

  • @Sintoxic: Since I doubt anyone at Tested will see this tiny thread amidst all of the spam, I asked about just this in the comments of the last video. We'll see if anyone cares enough to answer.

  • No one really reads the forums, and the spam posts have been ongoing for literally 6 years now. Same pattern. It is a long story, but basically the forums are built on a custom backend that makes it very hard to implement anti-spam features, and also doesn't allow for granular mod access. Essentially, if they want to let someone moderate the forums, that person will also have full access to *everything*, and they don't want to risk someone going rogue and deleting a bunch of stuff.