PayPal not available when updating payment method

Created by FadeToBlack on Sept. 19, 2018, 6:26 p.m.
  • The 'Buy Membership' page for premium says tested is "Now Accepting PayPal", but when I try to update my payment methods PayPal is not listed as an option.

  • @FadeToBlack: So sorry about this issue. Depending on when you signed up for the account, your original payment method may have been established on a system with our payment processor before PayPal became eligible. This prevents the ability to swap between PayPal and Credit Card payments during an active subscription, thus you won't see a PayPal option when trying to update your card. However, you can absolutely use PayPal for future payments, you'll just have to let your credit card subscription expire first.

    We recommend logging into your account and navigating back to your subscription settings. Once there, cancel the auto renewal on your subscription. Write an email to us to request the deletion of your original credit card data (just to make sure it's cleared and won't cause further interruption), at Then you simply have to wait until you've bypassed your original subscription expiration date. Once that date has passed, you'll be able to go to the "buy membership" page and sign up for a new subscription with PayPal. No data or account history will be lost.

    Apologies for the inconvenience and cumbersome nature of this process. It's certainly not our choice to do it this way, but our payment processor doesn't give us an alternative at this time for accounts like yours. You can also write to us ( if you have any specific questions related to your account before taking any of these steps.