No Premium Content for Premium subscriber in Firefox??

Created by bbwolf on March 2, 2017, 6:53 a.m.
  • Hello there.

    Im using Firefox for my webbrowsing. Yesterday I finally took out my subscription to tested Premium. The money is gone and per the website the subscription is active. However, none of the Premium Videos play in my Browser. Tried restart, chache and history cleaning. Tossed the cookies. etc. Nada. Support send me an "acknowledgment" of my issue, but thats it so far.

    Safari briefly played some videos but chocked on others. Id really like to enjoy the content I paid for soon! Such a roadblock is really taking the fun out of the Tested Experience. Anyone got any ideas please?

  • I am on Ubuntu Linux running Firefox 51.0.1 (64-bit) and have zero problems with premium vids.

    I would recommend trying Chrome as a workaround until things are sorted.

  • Also IMHO on bug reports it can be helpful to drop your exact version of the software you are using and your OS and platform. That way other people on the platform will be able to contrast and compare better and narrow down a possible solution more easily.

  • sorry, by 'drop' i mean 'write out' , not go down! (edit button does not work on comments btw)

  • @donbright: The edit button only works for 15 minutes after you originally posted (this is by design), and you have to refresh the page for it to work (this is probably not by design).

  • Well, I am running OSX 10.11.6 El Captian and use the current Firefox 51.0.1 (64-Bit)

    Some Videos play in Safari but I really do not like using Safari for numerous reasons I won´t go into here and Chrome is just an insane memory hog and useless to play video in when I m working in work app at the same time. Firefox is my browser of choice and should not have a problem, should it?

    Plus, if the other videos play in FireFox, why should the Premium Content be different unless it is something that is linked to identify subscribers?

    Funny enough I got a reply from the Tested Support after sending them an inquirey, through the email I set up the account wtih, including my email, and my Subscription ID. Then I got asked from them to supply my email. Which makes me think, "did you even read the email I sent???" And I even went so far as to express my surprise and curiosity about this in my answer supplying me email, subscription ID again and my username for good measure. That was yesterday. No peep from the Tested support since then. Maybe they´ve taken umbridge at me for telling them that this was "a nice test for you".

    So far I m thouroughly unimpressed with Tested support I must say.

  • Hey there, bbwolf! In our experience, many of our users do not email support with the same email they used to sign up. Therefore, our first correspondence with a new member always asks to confirm. (Just like your bank asking to confirm your billing address or account number.) For further account security, we use more than one method to identify an account. Thus, the subscription ID or username, paired with your confirmation of the email you signed up with was sufficient. We absolutely read every line of your email. More than once, actually, just be sure we didn't miss any of your sarcasm. ;)

    As donbright suggested (thanks donbright!), the more detail the better when making a support query. We'll always request the required information, but it really helps to limit the back and forth. General queries will start at the top of the diagnostic chain and usually result in longer testing periods. Please check your email for a detailed analysis of your query and further questions that will help us get to the bottom of this. While we strive to make the premium experience work for all users, as with any software, there are numerous circumstances that don't allow us to guarantee the video player will work on all browsers in all configurations.

    For the record, we would never take umbrage/umbridge for suggesting something is a nice test for us. We welcome all support queries because it's our job to improve the experience for all members of the Tested community. Just understand that we are a fairly small operation, so our turnaround time isn't as quick as larger corporations. However, we are more than happy to offer a refund if you continue to find our responses thoroughly unimpressive.

  • Hello Tested_support. Nice to read this. Alas, I have not had any email from you whatsoever apart from the first request for some support. I appreciate the forum reply though I also do not get any forum alerts, but I have not ckecked if I have all the right settings for these activated, I ll give you that. I m a newb here on tested after all. But I checked that Tested is whitelisted in my Mail, alas, I have not found any email from you since I answered the first request for more info.

    I appreciate the offer of a refund, but I d like to try to get FF play the new Premium Videos first. Thank you.

  • so, after some quick looking at my setting here, I must ask: IS there something like notifications when I get a reply to one of my posts or to a thread I started?

  • @bbwolf: Only if there is an @reply.

  • @kim_a So, Support cant really blame me for not finding their answer in the forums as there are no Forum notifications unless the do the @bbwolf? Sweet.

  • hey @tested_support, you´ve got reply!!!

    while we are at it, what´s the weird "dotdotdot, no match found" stuff that comes up every time I try to do the whole @username thing?

  • @bbwolf: Yeah, the username search doesn't work, only straight replies through the "Reply"-link in posts (which gives the bolded username). Even that feature is fucked and breaks on the regular. Tested is a very rickety ship with great content.

  • Try disabling any ad-blockers. ublock origin stopped premium videos from loading for me. windows 10/firefox latest version

  • You aren't getting ads if you're a Premium member anyway, so should be fine disabling them for Tested, right? :)