HTML5 Premium Video Player is not supported in Yandex (Win10)

Created by ramberg on Nov. 3, 2016, 12:58 p.m.
  • Hi Tested Crew,

    I'm experiencing the problem "The video isn't encoded for your device" when I try to watch one of your premium videos on my Windows 10 PC. My problem is only present when I use my favorite browser Yandex (v16.10.1.819). Everything works fine in Chrome; same machine.

    Kind Regards,


  • @ramberg: We're sorry you're experiencing issues in Yandex. The third party player Tested uses for its premium service doesn't specifically support Yandex, considering its usage is quite isolated at this time. However, since Yandex is Chromium based, HTML5 playback should be very similar. There's a new version of the Tested video player launching in the near future that should improve performance on most browsers. We'll do our best to test for Yandex and report issues back to our video partner in hopes of finding a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  • In my laptop, the video player was also not responding due to the error codes. But as soon as I fixed it with it started to play. But some settings needed to be changed. And updated version is needed for that.