Can't download video/ Access HTML 5 version

Created by piropeople13 on March 16, 2012, 6:14 p.m.
  • Everytime I go to a video it just has the youtube version. Where is my HTML 5 version or option to download?

  • @piropeople13: Gone. Gone forever. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    They changed to YouTube, and don't use the same video player any more.

  • This is so stupid. Their in house player was way better than YouTube, that is why I paid for them to upkeep it.

  • @piropeople13: I used the YouTube player anyway. Their player seemed to freeze up if you paused it for longer than a few seconds.

  • I CAN'T even edit my posts. Why didn't thy give us more warning before they nuked the site? I have a 4 hour plane ride coming up and and one week trip off the grid I had alot of content to download!

  • @devilzrule27: I will use, it is just way harder and I became a premium member just so I could download things.

  • The youtube version is also poor quality compared to the copy you could download directly from the site. It looks worse and i almost half the file size for the time at 720p. I feel really jipped.

  • The roku app isn't working for me right now, either. I hope that functionality is coming back.

  • Wow, there's not even tags for who is or isn't a mod. Incredible.

  • @dvorak: Hey tell me if there is some way it notifies you that I directly replied to you. I don't know how that will work since there are no user profiles.

  • @piropeople13: Just download videos with keepvid. Copy and paste in the video address . The site will give you some formats to download(avi, flv, mp4 etc) Download whatever you want. Or you can see this one:

    It provides many programs and methods for downloading videos.