So what are your favorite three books that you read of all time?

Created by BaskervilleManor on March 15, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    American Gods

    Harry Potter (POA)

  • Hello, speaking about my favorite books. I would say it's an original trilogy Lord of the Rings. I can always read it when I have free after I finish working on my task.

  • I'm not used to re read. i'm kind a slow rader, soo...

    but I can see we love Tolkien here, of course The Hobbit is my favorite child book, I just love it and read it from time to time. I have recently tacled The Silmarillion with the help and gidance on ThePrancingPonyPodcast and just lost my mind with the depth of this mitology.

    On a most real and cientific, but lot of adventure too, I'll recomend El Kon-Tiki. It's the diary of an expedition trying to prove the movement of people from South America to Oceania on an aborigin raft.

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  • My three would be:

    1. The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

    2. Resurrection Dreams by Richard Laymon

    3. How to Draw by Scott Robertson

  • @JuRM: I should also point out that as a historical document, and because it's interesting, Little Wars by H. G. Wells is well worth a read.

  • My favourite books are The Lord of the Rings series, I just love them. All these books are written by a brilliant man. It often happens that I use for my college tasks. I write various book essays and other papers, analyzing books all the time. And more often I like to write about my favourite books.