DIY Book Cradle

Created by BigBirdTaco on March 5, 2016, 2:54 p.m.
  • Greetings Team,

    I recently purchased a few art books and would like to make a book cradle to support and protect the binding. This collapsible book cradle looks great although I'm having trouble sourcing the materials. It seems to be made from some form of fabric covered card stock and velcro.

  • You have two choices for cover, adhesive fabric sheets or spray glue with fabric of your choice.

    For the inside a good thick cardboard would be the simplest to work with. Any hobby or craft store will have the items you need and so would Amazon.

    If you like I can make a list of items I would use to make it with links, just give a shout.

  • @KylevT: Thanks for the reply I'd appreciate a list of materials. The contact paper seems easier but wondering if it would last as a non contact hinge between card stock? Another idea is the book cradle / pillow that Rick uses on Pawn Stars although its non adjustable. Wondering what Adam uses in his library with larger art books.

  • It looks like book cloth (probably linen) and book board (chipboard) to me. Nice that it can be stored in book form. While you can purchase bookbinding materials online, you might want to see if there are any book arts programs or studios near you. They may have materials for sale, or be able to point you to a good source. The university where I work has a book arts program (and some community classes as well), for example.