Seveneves KRAФЦMAN Patches

Created by 1stage on Sept. 20, 2015, 8:19 p.m.
  • Hey, I'm having some patches made featuring the KRAФЦMAN (CRAFTSMAN) logo. No spoilers here, but those who've read the book will understand the significance. Here's an image of the logo, and I'll upload pictures of the final patch once I get them, later this week. Let me know if there's interest here...

    I'm also working on a few other Seveneves-inspired patches, but if there's anything folks would like to see, I'd be more than happy to add it to the queue if there's interest.

  • My approach & assumptions for the design are as follows (MAY BE SUBTLE SPOILERS, SO BEWARE!)

    • Take the significance of the original CRAFTSMAN logo and transliterate it into the Englitsky (taken from the book) that has evolved in the new world.
    • Change the traditional Sears RED color for both a Dinan blue and a "Blue" blue (again, readers will understand).
    • Note that the traditional (c) is changed to a [D], which I use to suggest that the "branding" of the logo/image is that of either a Dinan or a Digger... either being relevant to the story line.
    • Finally, to make something that would be fun for readers to have and wear, something that would start a conversation about the book, suggesting the original CRAFTSMAN logo, but also opening up the "Maker" aspect of how the third act of Seveneves unfolds... hinting at the undying ingenuity of humanity.
  • Not finished reading the book, and not read your second post in this thread but just posting a little encouragement, really like your Martian patches.

  • @seanblah12: Thank you, and love your name.

  • @1stage: ha Cheers, I have strong mixed feelings on it.

  • The branding patches are available on eBay now...