Another sad day... Death of Sir Terry Pratchett

Created by KylevT on March 12, 2015, 9:06 a.m.
  • The hourglass has run empty and I would like to think Death made a personal visit for an old friend.

    Terry Pratchett known mainly for his Discworld series of books has died aged 66.

    He will be missed...

  • I hate to admit this, but I thought he died 5 years ago. NOw I have to go thru that again.

  • I knew it was coming. I'd feared it since he told the world about his disease. It doesn't make it any easier though. He is my absolute favorite author. His works a constant in my life through a complete collection of audiobooks, at least one of which always reside on my phone. I will miss him, his wit, his style and a world that I know as well as any other, maybe even a bit more.

    Thank you, Terry Pratchett. Thank you, and may you find your way across the desert to a another world which you can enrich just like you've enriched mine...

  • GNU Terry Pratchett.

  • I hate to drag up sad feelings again, but has anyone else had a problem reading the last Discworld novel?

    I had the first copy to come into our local store reserved and it has sat on the shelf ever since. I just can't bring myself to read it because once I have I'll never have another to read :(

  • I haven't brought myself to buy the last Tiffany Aching book (Shepherd's Crown) yet, I found the second to last (I Shall Wear Midnight) such a dark read, at least the first third of the book.

    I've read my share of Discworld novels, but I've got a good few books left to read (about half of them I'd guess).

    I'm currently reading The Long War, sequel to The Long Earth which I can't recommend enough.

  • I thought the last book was OK, not one of my favorites of the series but decent :) Really enjoyed the Diskworld universe and books.

    As for the long earth series the first book was good but I got tired of it after the third, great concept but got a bit repetitive and long winded.