Screwing with the system, the books of Lovey Banh

Created by sa-maker on Dec. 18, 2014, 4:25 a.m.
  • Not for reading. Have you guys seen the books of Lovey Banh? Go on Amazon and search for them they are paperback, have a ISBN number and cost round about $2800 each!

    With such great titles as:

    • No One Fight Over Water In America: People fight over food a hair surgeon fight over hair
    • A Girl Who Own 30,000 Hospital In America or Africa: Same Land, Same Size A Hospital In America make 1 billion
    • 30 Years I Do Not Brush My Teeth
    • For Breakfast I Feed the Ants Banana Peels
    • (and some other more unsavory ones)

    You have to ask yourself, who signed off on these?

  • @sa-maker: Lovey Banh did, of course. Amazon pricing is based on scarcity of product, the few of x item, the higher the price. In this case, it happens to be trashy novels, no big deal. The way Amazon (and other e-publishers) vets titles is only for blatantly illegal or against title formatting they disapprove of, they do not care about the general content of the materials what so ever. They aren't "guardians of culture" as more traditional publishers might view themselves.

    Why do you care about this, at all?

  • @Nscafe: We did a search for the most expensive books on a local book site and found her. We thought it might be a joke or a hack and then we saw her listed on amazon. On the face of it it looks like a joke, somebody screwing with the system. I would love to know who actually bought one of these books (if any). The reviews are ripe for comedy (3 wolf moon t-shirt style)

  • @sa-maker: Ah.

  • Many large Amazon resellers set prices automatically based on the number of items available and the traffic to said titles. I.e, something goes viral and the prices skyrocket to absurd-heights.

    This has also been known to happen for print-on-demand paperbacks, where a lot of the available titles are in fact stuff like google-books that are in the public domain, downloaded as .pdfs, printed on a laser-copier and bound using a stick-on-binding, or... automatic translations of foreign language books with little to no oversight even for the title.

  • You guys aren't going to believe this: I FOUND HER! I FOUND LOVEY BANH! That's 100% her on the book covers.