Modernist Cuisine at Home: Tested Recipes and Techniques for Your Kitchen

By Norman Chan

The new cookbook was written with the home kitchen and budget and in mind.

Last month, we spoke with Modernist Cuisine's Max Bilet about why modern cooking isn't just just applicable to fancy kitchens and laboratories equipped with expensive equipment--the techniques developed by Nathan Myhrvold and the rest of the Modernist Cuisine scientists were intended to reach your home kitchen. But the six volume 2400 page set released last year is understandably a little daunting for even the most audacious of amateur chefs. The $625 list price made it a serious commitment as well. Today, Modernist Cuisine has announced a more home-friendly book that's more cookbook than reference tome. Nathan Myhrvold explains the purpose of the new publication and how it differs from last year's set:

This book focuses on cooking equipment, techniques, and recipes. Part One details tools, ingredients, and cooking gear that we think are worth having. Equipment once available only to professional chefs or scientists is now being manufactured for the home kitchen; we encourage you to try it. But we also show you how to get by without fancy appliances, such as how to cook fish sous vide in your kitchen sink and how to cook steak in a picnic cooler.

Part Two contains 406 recipes, all of which are new. In some cases, we took popular Modernist Cuisine recipes— Caramelized Carrot Soup, Mac and Cheese, and Striped Mushroom Omelet—and developed simpler versions. In general, the food is less formal; you’ll find recipes for Crispy Skinless Chicken Wings and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.
Photo Credit: Modernist Cuisine via Creative Commons

Modernist Cuisine at Home is available for pre-order now on Amazon for $115, while the original six-volume Modernist Cuisine set is still available (in its fourth printing) for $456. We'll definitely be testing some of these recipes and techniques in our own kitchens when the book arrives in October. In the meantime, rewatch our interview with Modernist Cuisine author Max Bilet below.