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    One Week at Weta Workshop, Part 3

    The creature’s foam latex face is ready to be pulled from its mold, and we take a look at Adam’s fake arm prosthetic to figure out how it’ll be torn off in the fight. For the armor of the ravaged soldier character, we head to the costume shop to wet mold and paint a chest plate. The pieces are coming together!

    Sideshow Collectibles Booth Tour at Comic-Con 2018!

    We're always impressed by the new statues and figures Sideshow Collectibles brings to Comic-Con, and this year, they've brought over 250 new products. We take a close look at a few of these as we tour the booth to see some standout examples of quarter-scale, sixth-scale, and even half-scale sculpts.

    Our Favorite Movie Props at Comic-Con 2018!

    In anticipation of the upcoming Prop Store live auction, we check out some of the best pieces of movie costuming, hand props, and memorabilia from films like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Men in Black. This is a rare chance to see in person iconic pieces like Indiana Jones' fedora and bullwhip, stop-motion puppets from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the actual Noisy Cricket!

    1/10th Studio Scale 2001: A Space Odyssey Discovery Model!

    We thought we had seen the ultimate 2001: A Space Odyssey Discovery model with the Moebius kit, but here's an upcoming model kit that takes things up a notch. This is a prototype 1/10th studio scale model of the Discovery from Kaiyodo, with an insane amount of detail that we can't wait to build!

    Star Wars Star Destroyer Model Replica!

    We check in with Steve Neisen of eFX Collectibles to see what's up with his AT-ST studio scale model replica, as well as check out a massive Star Destroyer prototype he's put together as a made-to-order collectible. We learn how the surface details of the Star Destroyer were enhanced by the modelmaker who worked on the original filming miniature!

    One Week at Weta Workshop, Part 2

    Adam spends the day in master swordsmith Peter Lyon’s shop, making a steel dagger that will be the hero prop for the film. While Adam gets to grinding the blade, we also visit Weta’s props department to cast a few different rubber stunt daggers for the action sequence. Adam then heads to the paint shop to get the hero and stunt props painted to match!

    Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Props at Comic-Con

    We take a look at a few high-end collectibles from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World at this year's Comic-Con. Chroncicle Collectibles shows us their life-size Baby Blue replica made from ILM's digital files, as well as a prototype for their official Barbasol can replica that's officially licensed and made in partnership wtih Barbasol!

    How the LEGO Voltron was Designed!

    In our first look at the new LEGO Voltron set, we chat with one of the set's designers who adapted the winning LEGO Ideas submission to a buildable Voltron model that meets LEGO's rigorous build and play standards. We also take a look at some of the early prototypes for this set that help prove the design was viable. Let's watch Voltron assemble!

    PROJECTIONS, Episode 55: Marvel Powers United VR

    We play and review Marvel Powers United VR, the new superhero brawler from Oculus and Sanzaru Games. Jeremy and Norm talk about why this game reminds us of the 4-player arcade brawlers of the 90s, and whether the game succeeds in making us feel like Marvel superheroes. Plus, two recommendations for mobile VR games!

    Weta Workshop's Costumes at Comic-Con 2018!

    We visit Weta Workshop's booth at this year's Comic-Con to take a look at some of the specialty film costumes they've worked on recently, including a suits from Pacific Rim: Uprising and Thor: Ragnarok. One costume that absolutely floored us was a full-body robot suit from the upcoming film I Am Mother.

    Weta Workshop's First Mech Model Kit!

    It's happening! After Adam's visit to Weta Workshop and chatting with their collectibles team, Weta is going to start a run of resin model kits for modelmakers to build the Moose mech from Chappie! We inspect the details of this kit pulled from the molds at Comic-Con, which look even more detailed than the painted model. We can't wait to build this back at the shop!

    The Model Airplanes of Flite Fest Ohio

    I know that many Tested readers are also fans of Flite Test. This company has set the RC hobby on its ear with highly-polished YouTube videos, online forums, and a catalog of easily-built airplane designs. It is difficult to overstate the renewed excitement that Flite Test has brought to the previously-dwindling beginner and DIY segments of RC. Many Flite Test disciples come from far and wide to attend Flite Fest, the group's biannual get-together. Flite Fest has grown very quickly to become one of the largest RC gatherings in the world. I recently attended my first Flite Fest in Malvern, Ohio (July 12-15) to see why it's such a big deal.

    Flite Fest Overview

    I've been to tons of RC flying events all over the US. Such gatherings tend to vary in size and theme, but they usually follow a standard format. As I drove onto the grounds at Flite Fest, it was immediately apparent that these folks have their own playbook. One major element is size. A lost traveler arriving at Flite Fest could easily think they had stumbled onto a county fair. Tents of all sizes shared a large field with food vendors, souvenir hawkers, and mobs of people. Perhaps the only thing missing was a petting zoo.

    Despite the large crowd of fellow attendees, an army of volunteers quickly got me parked and registered as a participant. In fact, I never waited for anything. Food, porta-potties, flight stations, shade…all was plentiful and well-managed.

    The huge flightline at Flite Fest was always active. It had a very beginner-friendly atmosphere.

    RC flying has historically been a male-dominated hobby. Yet, Flite Test vigorously promotes aeromodeling as a family activity. Those efforts were reflected in the demographic at Flite Fest. There were more kids and women than at any other RC event I've been to, by far. They weren't just present. They were participating. Many families set up camp at the field and made a weekend vacation of it.

    A huge flightline was located along the edge of a soybean field. It was a nice, unobstructed flying site. A runway made of petromat cloth helped to accommodate models with wheels that were too small for the neighboring grass. There was also a strip of hard, plastic runway that resembled a temporary dance floor. Flyers who utilized this runway had to thread the needle between a covered stage and a wall of banners, but I didn't hear any complaints.

    Studio-Scale Star Trek: Discovery Starship Models!

    We go behind the protective glass to get a close look at Korben FX's new "studio-scale" starship models from Star Trek: Discovery. Modelmaker John Eblan shows us some details of these ships that you can't see on the digital models that appear on the show, and describes the process of making this version of the USS Enterprise!

    Mondo's New Collectibles at Comic-Con!

    Mondo, known for their highly sought-after movie posters and art prints, has been dipping their toes into toys and collectibles based on iconic pop culture characters. We chat with their head of collectibles to preview upcoming releases, including figures from Batman: The Animated Series, Masters of the Universe, and Mecha Spider-Man!

    One Week at Weta Workshop, Part 1

    Adam, Norm, and Joey arrive in Wellington, New Zealand, home of Weta Workshop to begin work on our short film. Equipped with just a story outline and some pre-planning, we jump right into preparations for the film shoot that'll happen at the end of the week. We begin with a visit to the prosthetics lab, where Adam has his arm moded for a prop, and then sit down to work out the details of the script. Plus, we see the creature suit for the very first time!

    Tested Presents: “A Farewell to Arms”

    We can finally reveal a project we've been working on since the beginning of the year, when Tested visited Weta Workshop in New Zealand! In collaboration with the world-class artists, craftspeople, and filmmakers at Weta Workshop, Adam Savage and Tested proudly present this short film. This kicks off a new mini-series that follows our journey as we put this film together just one week at Weta! Watch the first episode right now!

    Inside LAIKA Studios Exhibition at Comic-Con 2018!

    We take a tour of LAIKA Live, the incredible exhibition of LAIKA Studios' stop-motion film props, puppets, and miniatures at this year's Comic-Con. Norm and Kayte go behind the scenes to chat with LAIKA modelmakers and animators to learn about their process and get up close with these beautiful characters.

    Minifigure-Scale LEGO Saturn V Rocket!

    At this year's Bricks by the Bay LEGO convention, we meet builder Jack Carleson, who designed and assembled a massive 10-ft tall LEGO Saturn V rocket, launchpad, and tower that's mini-figure scale! We chat with Jack about how he built this amazing sculpture and why he chose to replicate this piece of NASA history.