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    Offworld Episode 12: Alien Covenant

    Could we engineer new life forms for space travel? Ariel is joined by chemical biologist Dr. Jun Axup and Dr. Lynn Rothschild of NASA to discuss the idea of genetic engineering as portrayed in the film Alien: Covenant. How does real-world gene editing technology like CRISPR relate to the ideas portrayed in science fiction?

    Bits to Atoms: Starlords Arcade Cabinet, Part 1

    This year's California Extreme saw the debut of Starlords, a new arcade cabinet built over many months by our very own Bits to Atoms team! To embark on this journey, Jeremy and Sean enlisted the help of the software developers (and video game historians) at Other Ocean Interactive to code this game from scratch. Follow along this build from game design to cabinet fabrication--the most ambitious Bits to Atoms project yet!

    XM Studios' Samurai Batman Statue!

    XM Studios' take on the DC universe caught our eyes at this year's New York Comic Con, and we check out their statues that put a samurai spin on Batman and rogues gallery. Here's how this collectibles company was able to design figures that put a stylistic twist into the characters we know from the comics.

    Sideshow Collectibles' Aliens and Predators at New York Comic Con!

    We've featured Sideshow Collectibles' beautiful superhero statues before, and at New York Comic Con, we took a closer look at some of their creature work. Andy from Sideshow walks us through their new Alien and Predator sculpts, which were a collaboration with the original artists who built the creature suits for the films!

    PROJECTIONS, Episode 61: Leap Con and Dr. Grordbort's Invaders!

    We're at the first Magic Leap developer conference this week to play Dr. Grordbort's Invaders, the augmented reality game developed by Weta Workshop's game studios. We chat with Weta's Richard Taylor and Greg Broadmore about experimenting with mixed reality and what they've learned from making this game. Plus, a bonus interview with Insomniac about the upcoming VR game Stormland!

    Adam Savage Incognito at New York Comic Con!

    Adam embarks on his mission to explore the show floor at New York Comic Con, in his new NASA ACES spacesuit cosplay! As Adam suits up, he shows all the parts that make up this intricate replica, and describes how its build was truly a team effort. Let's follow this space man on his NYCC adventure!

    PROJECTIONS, Episode 60: Windlands 2, Jet Island, and The Void

    This week, Jeremy and Norm review Windlands 2 and Jet Island, two games with swinging mechanics that make you feel like you're a friendly neighborhood web slinger. Plus, we interview the director of operations for The Void to learn about their take on pop-up location-based VR experiences.

    Hands-On with the Oculus Quest VR Headset!

    We go hands-on with the new Oculus Quest standalone virtual reality headset! This six degree-of-freedom headset lets us walk in vast open spaces without any cables. We play four games that showcase the capabilities of Quest and chat with Product Manager Sean Liu about the technology and hardware inside!

    PROJECTIONS, Episode 58: Oculus Connect 5 Games Preview!

    Projections is back! We're at Oculus Connect 5 this week to check out new hardware and games, and go hands-on with several VR games coming out in 2019. Here are our impressions for Stormland, Vox Machinae, Space Junkies, Defector, Final Assault, and Echo Combat's new game mode!

    VoodooFX's Lighting Upgrades for Model Kits

    We take a field trip the garage and workshop of modelmaker Randy Neubert, who runs VoodooFX. Randy designs lighting and electronic upgrades to off-the-shelf model kits, including a few of our favorite kits we've built recently. We chat with Randy about his lighting process and what goes into designing a lighting scheme that'll look great on camera and on our shelves.

    A Look at Accucraft's Model Steam Trains

    For our final video from the 2018 Summer Steam-Up, we sit down with Accucraft Trains' President Bing Cheng to talk about his company's lineup of steam train models and kits. Bing gives us a sense of how these intricate locomotives are developed and the size of the hobby today.

    Scratch-Built Model Steam Trains!

    We continue our geek-out over miniature steam locomotives with a look at these scratch-built steam engines by hobbyist Andy Sorenson and his father. We chat with Andy about how these steam locomotives work and the fun of designing their own working model train engines!

    Modeling and 3D-Printing Wonder Woman's Tiara for Cosplay!

    Darrell's latest project involves the modeling and printing of a custom Wonder Woman Tiara for cosplay! Darrell walks us through his process adapting the model with some unique design elements and the trials and tribulations of smoothing out and finishing the 3D print to meet his satisfaction.

    LEGO with Friends: Voltron, Part 1

    LEGO with Friends is back! And the build team gets together to build the newly released LEGO Ideas Voltron set. Sean, Jeremy, Kayte, and Norm each take on the task of assembling a lion, uncovering the ways LEGO designers made this a perfect set for group builds.

    Assembling the 2,500 Piece 3D-Printed Sculpture!

    At this year's Nation of Makers conference, Adam Savage meets up with Jen Schachter and Todd Blatt to help with their latest We the Builders project: a sculpture of Rosie the Riveter comprised of over 2,500 3D-printed parts! The parts were crowdsourced from makers all around the world, and the assembly is truly a team effort. Find out more about the process and get involved at