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    PROJECTIONS: Spaces' Location-Based VR Experience

    We pay a visit to the new Spaces location-based VR experience recently installed in the Century Theaters San Jose branch, and chat with Spaces co-founder Brad Herman about the state of LBEs and how they relate to VR games you can play at home. Plus, we review Monopoly Deal and Angry Birds, both of which are interesting attempts to bring familiar gaming franchises to VR.

    Jeremy's Internet-Connected ScreenTimer Project!

    Jeremy shares an internet-connected timer he made to help keep track of his kids' screen time. Using a Particle Photon and custom PCB, this simple count down timer can be programmed and configured remotely, as well as control power to an AC device! Find the bill of materials and code here!

    Maker Spaces: Cirque du Soleil's Traveling Workshop

    For each of Cirque du Soleil's traveling "Big Top" shows, the technical crew have to build out a fully operational workshop tent to maintain and repair the equipment used on the show. We go into Volta's workshop to learn how each department efficiently sets up and packs up their gear to go on the road.

    PROJECTIONS: Comic Books in Augmented Reality

    What will the experience of reading comics be like in virtual and augmented reality? We visit Madefire, the digital comics publisher that just launched a Magic Leap app, to discuss their vision for adapting comics for immersive media devices. Do you prefer reading comics in print or digital?

    Project TankBall: Real-Life RC Tank Soccer Game You Can Play!

    Jeremy and Sean have partnered with Other Ocean, the game developers behind the Xbox indy game #IDARB, to make Project TankBall! The idea is a live action RC soccer game using tanks that players can control remotely over the streaming service Mixer. The team explains the process of prototyping the game, which is launched today and will evolve over time with your feedback! Play the game on Mixer at

    Tested: Behind the Scenes of Cirque du Soleil's Volta!

    We go backstage at Cirque du Soleil's traveling Volta show to learn how this "big top" production moves across the continent and sets up its massive performance venue. Sean Groves, the show's automation mechanic, runs us through the technology behind the scenes, and how modern tech works hand in hand with Volta's artists in this amazing show.

    Model Behavior: Iron Giant Build, Part 2

    Bill and Norm meet back up in Adam shop over a month after they first began work on the Iron Giant garage kit to continue the process of piecing this massive figure together and giving it another layer of paint and grime. With each pass, we're amazed by how this resin model's rusted look evolves into something that looks truly old and heavy. (Watch part 1 of this build here in case you missed it!)

    Model Behavior: Iron Giant Build, Part 1

    One of our favorite animated films is Iron Giant, so for this week's Model Behavior, Bill and Norm begin the process of prepping and assembling a massive Iron Giant garage kit (made by FX artist Jon Miller). Using a posable Mondo figure as our reference for pose, we paint and prep the pieces to look like aged metal!

    Tested: Games in a Tesla with Atari Controller!

    We just got the software update for the Tesla Model 3 that adds six classic Atari arcade games, so Jeremy and Norm test the games for their emulation quality and USB gamepad support. Plus, we manage to get it working with an original Atari 2600 controller plugged into the car! Instructions and links for making the Xinput adapter for Atari 2600 controller here.

    Tested in 2018: Favorite Coffee Table Books!

    Per tradition, Norm shares his favorite coffee table books from the year, including recommendations for art books from pop culture poster artists, behind-the-scenes books from visually striking films, and a book for science fiction typography geeks. Come back tomorrow for our final favorite things video of the year!

    Tested in 2018: Sean's Favorite Things!

    Sean's favorite things from this year include a collectible from Alien, behind the scenes books for two classic films, a very useful portable clamping system, and a prop replica from one of his favorite films: Time Bandits!

    Tested in 2018: Darrell's Favorite Things!

    Darrell, aka The Broken Nerd, is in our studio this week and shares his favorite tech from this year! Darrell gives his recommendations for favorite FDM 3D printer, SLA 3D printer, and printer filament. Plus, his new laptop that's streamlined his workflow!

    Tested in 2018: Kishore's Favorite Things!

    Kishore shares his favorite things of 2018, and no surprise here, he kicks things off with his love for the mad Titan himself, Thanos. There's also picks for a great science book, tabletop game, home gadget, and Nintendo Labo!

    Tested in 2018: Kayte's Favorite Things!

    Our resident modelmaker and fabricator Kayte Sabicer--host of our Model Behavior show--shares her favorite tools from the past year, including a life-changing set of scissors, all purpose epoxy, a unique cutting knife, and an app recommendation for audiobook listeners!

    Tested in 2018: Ariel's Favorite Things!

    Ariel, host of our Offworld series, shares her favorite things of the year, including the tech and gear she found indispensable on her recent trip to Antarctica. From microscopy gear to repair tools, here's what made her list!

    Tested in 2018: Bill's Favorite Things!

    Bill of Punished Props Academy shares a few of his favorite things from 2018, including a Destiny figure, Sea of Thieves art book, foam for cosplay fabrication, and his new favorite lens for making videos!