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    Tested and Twitch are Streaming Inspector Gadget!

    Hey everyone! We're excited to announce an awesome event we'll be participating in next week, in partnership with Twitch and Kid Genius. Starting next Monday, December 17th, Twitch is going to be streaming an Inspector Gadget marathon--yes, the classic 1983 cartoon that I and many of you grew up with! And along with that marathon, Tested is going to be streaming live prop builds from Adam's cave!

    Our very own Darrell Maloney (The Broken Nerd) has modeled three props inspired by Inspector Gadget, and we'll be turning those 3D prints into finished pieces using the tools in Adam's workshop and some of the techniques you've seen us demonstrate in past One Day Builds.

    Our live builds will start streaming each day next week starting at 10am Pacific, and you'll be able to watch on Tested's Twitch page, with the Inspector Gadget marathon on Twitch Presents.

    Bits to Atoms: Starlords Arcade Cabinet, Part 7

    Jeremy and Sean head back to Other Ocean to regroup with Mike and Kevin for a Starlords project post-mortem discussion. Suffice to say, the team is ecstatic about the reception at California Extreme. Thank you all for watching this series and making Bits to Atoms possible!

    Peter Jackson and Christian Rivers on the Making of Mortal Engines!

    Adam Savage sits down with director Christian Rivers and producer Peter Jackson to talk about the process of adapting the Mortal Engines book series into the upcoming film. It's a wide-ranging discussion about world building, telling cinematic stories, and the collaborative process of filmmaking at this scale. (This video is sponsored by Universal Pictures and Mortal Engines.)

    Bits to Atoms: Starlords Arcade Cabinet, Part 6

    It's all come to this. Jeremy and Sean bring the cabinet pieces to Other Ocean for final assembly and to test the software with a very first playthrough. Then, with just days to spare, they fix last minute bugs before unveiling Starlords at California Extreme. But we're not done yet! Stay tuned for one final episode to wrap up the Starlords project!

    Model Behavior: Assembling Bill's Replicant Blaster!

    Bill brings to our office the culmination of a big project: a scratch-modeled interpretation of the Blade Runner blaster prop that he's turned into a kit. We assemble this Replicant Blaster kit to show how it all comes together with real hardware (no glue!) and mechanical action (those darn springs!) Follow along to celebrate Bill's incredible prop-building achievement!

    Weta Digital's Visual Effects in Mortal Engines!

    Adam Savage visits Weta Digital in New Zealand, where the award-winning visual effects company is working on the upcoming film Mortal Engines. In this in-depth conversation with Visual Effects Supervisor Ken McGaugh and Animation Supervisor Dennis Yoo, we learn about the engineering complexities of creating the epic cities seen in the film.

    Adam Woodworth’s RC X-Wing Fighter

    I'm sure that most of you have already seen some of Adam Woodworth's Star Wars-inspired handiwork. Maybe it was the video of his RC Snowspeeder taking down an inflatable AT-AT. Or perhaps you caught Norm's interview with Adam about his drifting Landspeeder at Maker Faire. There are many other incredible examples as well.

    I was able to tag up with Adam at the recent NEAT Fair in Downsville, NY. He brought several of the unique and wacky RC flying creations that he is known for (not all are Star Wars-related). The model that seemed to garner the most attention was his X-wing fighter.

    Adam Woodworth carries his RC X-wing fighter following an aerobatic demonstration at the NEAT Fair.

    Of course, the foam spaceship looks great. But Adam also logged several impressive demonstration flights that showcased his design's insane aerobatic chops.

    Metal Gear Cosplay at New York Comic Con!

    Adam is in awe of this hand-made Metal Gear Online cosplay by Ruby Taki, an incredibly talented cosplayer and huge Metal Gear fan. Ruby shows Adam how she scratch built the headpiece and rocket launcher prop for her costume, which was done without the use of any machine tools.

    Discovering Designer Toys at New York Comic Con

    Where do we get all our wonderful toys? It's at places like New York Comic Con, where we meet up with retailers and collectors who scour the internet to curate new discoveries from emerging toy artists. Benny Kline of Tenacious Toys walks us through some of his favorite new art toys this year, and explains how artists get their break to stand out among collectors.

    Incredible 'Steam Siege' Custom Gundam Diorama!

    As Gunpla hobbyists, we were honored to meet ED, a veteren Gundam builder who brought a few of his builds and dioramas to New York Comic Con. We take a look at his Steam Siege action scene, a scratch build seven months in the making. ED also gives us a few tips for getting the most out of your Gundam kits.

    The Martian Spacesuit Project Lives!

    It's finally time to resume work on The Martian spacesuit costume build! In the two years since we last checked in on the project, Frank Ippolito has moved into a new shop and has been chipping away on 3D printing crucial parts to the costume. Adam spends the day at Frank's shop to survey the pieces and start work on the helmet! (Thanks to Frank and his team for keeping this project alive in the midst of their busy shop schedule! Check out more of Thingergy's projects here.)