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    Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot!

    Adam welcomes a new member to the Tested family: Boston Dynamics' Spot robot! All throughout this year, Adam will be conducting builds and projects with Spot, integrating it into the workshop and taking it on adventures in the field. The first thing to do is test Spot's capabilities at an outdoor training course! Our Year with Spot commences!

    Announcing the Adam Savage Book Club!

    Adam Savage is starting a book club, and he wants YOU to be part of it! He's kicking it off with mathematician Matt Parker and Matt's new book, Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World. Read it and submit your questions and comments below in the comments before Monday, Feb 3, when Matt will be in the cave to discuss the book with Adam, then stay tuned for the conversation on! Buy the book here.

    Adam Savage Meets the Expanse's Stunt Coordinator!

    How do you make dangerous scenes safe, especially where zero gravity is involved? Adam Savage chats with stunt coordinator Matt Birman, who has worked on the Expanse since day one, about the challenges of balancing story, location, safety and expense. Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video.

    Tested at the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup!

    After a full year of summit and online competitions, the top AWS DeepRacer competitors travel to Las Vegas to face off in the DeepRacer Championship Cup! We chat with competitors and learn how they've developed models to send the DeepRacer autonomous RC car around a track it's never seen before, and the strategies to keep pace with the world's best. (This video is sponsored by Amazon Web Services.)

    Adam Savage Talks Costumes on the Expanse Set!

    The Expanse takes its characters outdoors in season 4. Adam Savage speaks to costume designer Joanne Hansen about the modifications she and her team made not only to accommodate story, but also the actual harsh conditions the actors faced while filming. Plus, a spotlight on Chrisjen Avasarala's AMAZING clothes! Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video.

    Adam Savage Speaks to an Expanse Graphic Designer!

    Viewers of The Expanse know well the Savage Industries storyline, introduced in season 3. While on set, Adam Savage talks with Kim Sison, first assistant graphic designer, who not only designed the show's iteration of his company's logo, but many of the signs, labels, patches and brands you see as well! Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video.

    Adam Savage Meets the Expanse's Key Stunt Rigger!

    Filming a show that takes place in space is no easy feat. Adam Savage talks to key stunt rigger Steve "Shack" Shackleton about how he juggles costumes, sets and actors to create the illusion of zero gravity, then sees for himself what working with wires is like! Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video.

    Tested in 2019: Ariel's Favorite Things!

    Ariel, host of our Offworld space and science fiction show, shares a few of her favorite books, tools, and projects. Check out this D-I-Y cloud chamber build for visualizing cosmic rays, get a free e-book from NASA, and see how Ariel keeps track of project ideas and to-do lists. Stay tuned for more Offworld in 2020!

    Tested in 2019: Sean's Favorite Things!

    Sean's favorite things of 2019 are a delightful mix of filmmaking collectibles and workshop tools. Two come from the world of Weta Workshop, two tools help with electronics and modelmaking, and Sean also brings an incredible Ghostbusters prop replica that recently completed!

    Tested in 2019: Jen's Favorite Things!

    Fabricator Jen Schachter worked alongside Adam on this year's Savage Builds, and works with him on numerous projects in the cave. She shares a few of her favorite tools she uses for those builds, which are all about joining things together!

    Tested in 2019: Kishore's Favorite Things!

    Kishore's favorite things list is wide-ranging, from an essential piece of cosplay tech to science books to robotics kits to build with your kids. But the things that made the biggest difference in his life this past year are related to, shall we say, waste management.

    Tested in 2019: Jeremy's Favorite Things!

    It's Jeremy's favorite time of year--sharing his favorite electronics kits and tools. This year, Jeremy gushes over tabletop game that's actually a learning tool for understanding how computers work, a starter project for aspiring Arduino programmers, an essential work light, and his favorite VR headset!

    Tested in 2019: Kayte's Favorite Things!

    Model maker and fabricator Kayte Sabicer shares her favorite things from this year, including paint powders for weathering, a precision rule, reusable water bottle, and her favorite kind of two-part epoxy. Essential stuff for any shop!

    Tested in 2019: Norm's Favorite Things!

    This year went by fast! As we approach Christmas and the new decade, we present our annual tradition of sharing our favorite things from the year, including gear tested, tools discovered, and projects completed. Norm shares his favorite VR headset, camera accessories, and coffee table books!

    Adam Savage Talks with The Expanse's Wes Chatham!

    What new perspective does Wes have on the series (and his character Amos) as a result of attending comic-con conventions and interacting with fans? What's new for Amos in season 4? And how about those fight scenes?! See what Wes Chatham has to say to Adam Savage about all of the above -- and more. Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video!

    Half-Life: Alyx Hands-On! Tested on 8 VR Headsets

    We've played some Half-Life: Alyx! Tested spent a day playing Valve's upcoming full-length VR game across 8 different headsets to evaluate how the game looks and plays on devices ranging from the original HTC Vive to Oculus Quest. We show how the game's various mechanics work with different motion controllers and explain the trade-offs between different VR systems.

    Adam Savage Tours SFMOMA's 'Far Out' Exhibit!

    Several of Adam's spacesuit replicas are currently on display at SFMOMA's Far Out exhibit, as part of a collection of space suit, habitat, and laboratory designs. Adam tours this thought provoking exhibit with curator Joseph Becker, discussing the many ways in which the history of space exploration has always been in dialogue with artists, futurists, and filmmakers.