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    The Silicone Creatures of Immortal Masks!

    We catch up with Immortal Masks, makers of creature masks with lifelike movement and glorious detail. At Monsterpalooza, we check out their new experiments in silicone maskmaking, including cyborg and android masks that look like metal, and baby creatures that are just too adorable!

    The Shape of Water Creature Maquette!

    We check out this detailed maquette statue of the creature from The Shape of Water, recreated by the artists at Elite Creature Collectibles. Veteren effects artist Steven Wang shows us the unique paint application and display for this beautiful figure, as well as two Ultraman life-size busts he's made as passion projects!

    Aurum FX's Destiny Blaster Props!

    We love ourselves a good blaster replica, and the ones created by Aurum FX for Bungie's Destiny game are a sight to behold. We chat with Eric of Aurum FX to learn about their modeling and finishing process, and get a close look at their replicas of the Thorn, Ace of Spades, Sunshot, and The Last Word props!

    Lustre Effects Studio's Hyper Realistic Daruma Dolls!

    We're blown away by these hyper realistic daruma doll sculptures by Lustre Effects Studio. Being big fans of their work online, we were thrilled to meet their team at this year's Monsterpalooza, getting a close look at these haunting sculptures, each with a distinct personality!

    Model Behavior: Retro Moon Suit Garage Kit!

    We're once again taking on a garage kit from one of our favorite modelmakders, Futuristic Models. This kit is based on the retro-tastic Grumman moon suit tested in 1965 and featured in Life magazine. Bill and Norm prep and paint the kit, polish the clear plastic parts, and break out the vinyl cutter to finish the job.

    PROJECTIONS: Hands-On with Magic Leap Multiplayer Grordbattle!

    We go hands-on with Weta Gameshop's Grordbattle, a Magic Leap tech demo showcasing the potential of augmented reality multiplayer experiences. It was hands down the best thing we played at this year's Game Developers Conference! Plus, Jeremy interacts with Magic Leap's Mica digital character, and we review Vacation Simulator!

    Model Behavior: Mech Garage Kit!

    It's been a while since we've put together a garage kit from start to finish, so we're stoked to assemble this garage kit from friend of Tested Michael Sng (aka Machinatino Studio)! Kayte and Norm clean up the parts, knoll them out, prep and prime, and then piece this Panzer II walking tank together. As a finishing touch, we airbrush some shading onto the tank to give plates some definition.

    Arizona Sunshine VR Arcade and Space Junkies Review!

    We go hands-on with a new version of Arizona Sunshine designed for virtual reality arcades. Jeremy chats with Vertigo Games about their approach to accessible location-based VR experiences, including their zombie shooter and an escape room. Plus, we review Space Junkies!

    Model Behavior: Painting Action Figures

    You may have seen this figure in recent toy photography videos, and here's how it got this way! Bill and Norm take paint brushes and blades to two Mezco 1:12 collective figures to weather their clothes and give them a little more grit and grime. A little bit of distressing can go a long way with these figures!

    Creating Blast Effects in Toy Photography

    Toy photographer Johnny Wu stops by our studio to demonstrate another of his practical effects for miniature photos. This time, he shows how he uses sparklers to create fiery action behind his subjects, evoking battle scenes to dramatic effect! (Sparklers and fireworks are inherently dangerous and we do not recommend attempting this at home. Flour is also extremely flammable!)

    Let's Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 4

    We're starting to the get the hang of these kits! Now it's time to finish the ARK fallout shelter with its final module: the vault door. We've had so much fun putting this together, and would recommend it even for non-wargamers. Now to think about the painting and weathering possibilities...

    Let's Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 3

    The team overcomes a few hiccups in the build and complete their respective sections, and it's time to start joining the modules. We're continued to be impressed by the design of this laser cut kit, which even can be populated by 3d printed decor. Next up, the big finale!

    Let's Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 2

    Now that we've gotten a sense of how the Black Site Studio laser cut kits come together, the team divys up the rest of the ARK fallout shelter set to being assembling individual modules. Norm runs into a hiccup with a missing piece, Sean demonstrates some on-the-spot problem solving, and Jeremy discovers the wonders of glue accelerant!

    Prototype Toys and Vintage Collectibles Showcase

    We visit Prop Store to get a closer look at the many vintage pop culture toys and colletible ephemera going on auction later this week. From wax sculpts to one of a kind artwork for toy packages, we revisit the toys of our childhood, preserved and professionally graded for collecting and display. Check out the catalog of what will go on auction!

    Let's Build: Wargaming Fallout Shelter, Part 1

    Jeremy, Sean, and Norm try their hand at a new kind of build kit: laser-cut modular terrain for use with tabletop wargaming. This set is from Black Site Studio, and is a miniature fallout shelter made for use with the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game. Let's break open the package and see how the pieces come together!