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    PROJECTIONS: Pixel Ripped 1995 and The Room: A Dark Matter Preview

    This week, we preview two upcoming VR games we played at Oculus Connect 6! Pixel Ripped 1995 is the follow-up to the fantastic indie VR game Pixel Ripped 1989, and Jeremy chats with creator Ana Ribeiro about the scope of the sequel. Plus, a look at the upcoming atmospheric puzzle game The Room: A Dark Matter.

    Uncle Jessy Shows Adam Savage His Magneto Costume!

    At New York Comic Con, Adam Savage meets YouTuber/prop maker/cosplayer Clayton Parker (aka Uncle Jessy) for the first time! Clay shows Adam his Magneto costume, which is a mashup of the classic Jim Lee X-Men comic design and a modern looking statue from Sideshow Collectibles. Known for his 3D printing, this was Clay's first time sewing, but you'd never know it!

    X-Plus's World of Kaiju and Godzilla Collectibles

    Fans of Godzilla films may know about X-Plus, the Japanese toy company that has long produced immaculate recreations of the king of Kaiju and his fellow man-in-suit monsters. We meet up with the company at New York Comic Con to chat about their approach to vinyl figure design, attention to detail, and the of obsessive world of Godzilla fandom.

    Adam Savage Meets Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay!

    At New York Comic Con 2019, Adam Savage meets Regan Cerato and Scone of Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay, two extraordinary makers and cosplayers. Adam was SO impressed with their costumes -- Helga Sercle, a boss character from a Korean MMORPG, and an original cosplay/sewing-inspired knight design -- we had to motion to him off-camera to please stop talking because we were running over time!

    King Korpse: James Groman's Designer Toy of the Year

    We meet artist and toy designer James Groman, whose King Korpse toy won the best Designer Toy of the Year award in 2017. We check out his latest one-off painted variant of the figure, and chat with James about his art style and origins of this jaw-dropping sculpt!

    Lumecluster's New Armor Cosplay at New York Comic Con 2019!

    Adam Savage meets up with the amazingly talented Melissa Ng (aka Lumecluster) at New York Comic Con to see the latest improvements to her wearable gothic-inspired fantasy armor. Melissa shows how she revamped her cosplay from last year to be more versatile and historically true to gothic armor design. Plus, watch as Melissa and her collaborator Megan Dellario quickly swap armor components to transform their cosplays!

    XM-Studios' Impressive Superhero Statues

    One of our favorite things about New York Comic Con is the different showing of statue and collectibles companies from other big pop culture conventions. XM Studios once again brought an impressive display of prototype superhero statues, including an 8-character battle diorama and new figures in their popular Samurai Batman line!

    Adam Savage Incognito as No-Face at New York Comic Con!

    Adam's new No-Face costume has arrived at New York Comic Con and it's time for an incognito walk through the show floor! We tag along to see how the crowd reacts to this transformation of the iconic Spirited Away character, and the gasps do not disappoint. No-Face is hungry!

    Shooting and Editing VR 180 Video with the Z Cam K1 Pro

    We go behind-the-scenes of the production of our recently-released Tested VR series with a look at the shooting and editing workflow. Joey explains how we used the Z Cam K1 Pro to document the makers' workshops and builds, and how he processed and edited that video in Adobe Premiere. Making VR 180 video is an interesting production process!

    Cyclops Warrior Makeup Demo!

    We meet makeup artist Sidney Cumbie at Monsterpalooza, where he gives a makeup demo of a cyclops mask using off-the-shelf prosthetics from RBFX. This makeup shows how effective readymade prosthetics can be, especially when combined with a great costume. This warrior cyclops wears a familiar armor!

    The Striking Animatronic Sculptures of Ben Schwenk

    Artist Ben Schwenk shows us his collection of animatronic art pieces, which combine his eye-catching creature design with purposeful mechanized movement. These are sculptures that come alive and become more animated the more you stare at them.

    The Custom Plush Creatures of Ivonne Escoto

    Effects artist and creature designer Ivonne Escoto creates unique furry creatures, all from scratch. She brought a selection of her creations to Monsterpalooza, and shows us how their sculpted faces and patterned fur bodies never yield the same character twice. We're smitten by these beasts!

    The Assemblage Art of Gmonik

    Designer toys and found objects get remixed in the assemblage art of artist Gmonik, who we meet at this year's Son of Monsterpalooza. Gmonik walks us through a few of his pieces, how he mashes up found objects together, and the stories he's trying to tell with them.

    The Creatures and Costumes of Creative Character Engineering

    We meet Andrew Clement, the founder of Creative Character Engineering, an effects and fabrication shop that's worked on films like Deadpool and shows like The Boys. Andrew chats with us about how his team collaborates with costume designers and makeup departments to create memorable effects, and how his company integrates new technology into their processes.

    LG 4K OLED vs. Samsung 8K QLED Technology Differences!

    We dive into the technology behind high-resolution TVs on the market today, taking a look at both a 4K OLED panel from LG and an 8K LCD from Samsung. Here's how streaming content looks on both, why upscaling is worth scrutinizing, and how the two manufacturers make use of fundamentally different screen technologies to varying effect. What qualities of a TV matter to you? This video was made possible with product provided by LG.

    Hand Tracking in Oculus Quest Hands-On Impressions!

    We go hands-on with the new hand tracking feature for Oculus Quest at Oculus Connect 6! We test the limits of its ability to recognize various hand poses and break down the technology and its potential uses. Plus, an interview with product manager Sean Liu diving into Oculus Link, hand tracking, and future technologies!

    Oculus Link and Oculus Horizon Hands-On Impressions!

    We're at Oculus Connect 6 this week where Oculus just announced a slew of new features coming to the Quest VR headset. We go hands-on with the Oculus Link, which allows the Quest to play desktop Rift games, and Horizon, the upcoming social VR platform. Plus, an interview with Jason Rubin and Mike Verdu about VR content and what's next for Oculus Studios!

    Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR Hands-On!

    We go hands-on with the just-announced Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the big-budget virtual reality game from Respawn Entertainment. Game director Peter Hirschmann chats with us about their vision for this game and what VR brings to this venerable WW2 franchise, and we break down our demo session with our in-depth impressions!