Adam Savage Explores the Blade Runner 2049 “Farmhouse” Set!

Adam walks us around one of the on-location sets built completely from scratch for Blade Runner 2049! This nematode farm belongs to the Sapper Morton character–played by Dave Bautista–and houses a striking scenic prop that those who’ve seen the film may recognize!

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3 thoughts on “Adam Savage Explores the Blade Runner 2049 “Farmhouse” Set!

  1. Awsome! I love think kind of stuff.

    Now I’m curious, in the bags that they are, you know, “growing replicants” there are astonishingly realistic mildew lines. Are those real from just being left out there? Where those painted in by hand?

    These are the kind of things I would never notice in a finished movie but if it wasn’t there something would feel off.

  2. I don’t remember whether those worms were referred to as nematodes in the movie (I know in the prequel short, Sapper is selling nematodes but it’s unclear to me whether these are supposed to be the same worms. I kinda assumed they weren’t.), but anyway, as a biologist who’s been in the business of staring at worms for the past 5 years (I’d say seven, but there was a bit of an intermezzo where I mainly stared at fossil crustaceans ;)), I really don’t think those worms look like nematodes. They look more like some type of insect larva. /pedant 😉

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