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Lightyear LEGO Build with Adam Savage and Director Angus MacLane!

Adam Savage is joined by Lightyear director Angus MacLane for an afternoon of LEGO building and conversation about the making of Pixar's latest film!

The Iconic Sounds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the ways filmmakers create a sense of continuity for fans is with iconic sounds like the charging up of Iron Man's arc reactor or the impact of Thor's hammer.

Thor: Love and Thunder | The Sound Design of Mjölnir!

Adam Savage recently visited Skywalker Sound where Samson Neslund, one of the Sound Designers of Thor: Love and Thunder, broke down the layers of sound effects that make up a key scene in the latest Marvel Studios blockbuster.

Lifelike Animatronic Facehugger Practical Effects Puppet!

We meet effects artist Jesse Velez of Raptor House Effects, whose team created this animatronic Alien Facehugger for the 40th anniversary thatrical re-release of Alien back in 2018.

Adam Savage Incognito as MacReady from 'The Thing'!

It's been many months since Adam has walked incognito through a convention in cosplay, and this past weekend's SiliCon was the perfect opportunity for him to finally wear his "MacReady" costume from The Thing!