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Conserving the X-Wing at Smithsonian

How do you restore and conserve an artifact like the X-Wing, which is made of multiple materials (both flexible and inflexible) and wasn't built with permanence in mind?

The Mystery of This Original Rocketeer Stunt Pack

Adam visits Prop Store to take a look at an original stunt pack from The Rocketeer! Not only is this a chance to examine a real prop from the fan-favorite adventure film, the stunt pack here has curious features in its construction that make it unlike the hero prop.

Adam Tours Ghostbusters: Afterlife's Farmhouse Set!

While on location of the Ghostbusters: Afterlife set, Adam Savage witnessed firsthand the breathtaking sets built by the production team to immerse the characters in the Ghostbusters universe.

Why There's an X-Wing in the Smithsonian

While in DC in August, Adam stopped by one of his FAVORITE places: the National Air and Space Museum, and specifically its Restoration Hangar, where he checks out a screen-used X-wing.

Evil Dead 2's Cabin in the Woods Miniature Model!

Adam and Brandon from Prop Store pop open a crate to take a look at one of the original filming miniatures from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2!