TV and Movies

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Studio Ghibli Diorama!

Adam's latest build taps into his love for Studio Ghibli films, a bit of modelmaking, and in-camera practical effects as he constructs a stunning display inspired by one of his favorite Miyazaki films. It's a slow burn of a build as Adam gradually reveals his sketched out plans; the result is a mesmerizing combination of light and movement that is beautiful to behold!

Weta Workshop's 3D-Printed Giant Eyeballs!

When Adam visited Weta Workshop early last year, he stopped by their 3D printing lab to check out their research and experiments in 3D printing full-color eyeballs for exhibition figures and effects work. Weta Workshop's Richard Taylor and 3D artist Tor Robinson show Adam examples of anatomically accurate printed eyeballs that push the limits of high tech fabrication!

Adam Savage's Alien: Covenant Spacesuit Helmet!

Adam shares one of the most impressive film props in his collection: a helmet from the Ridley Scott film Alien: Covenant! Made by the incredible effects suit fabricators at FBFX, this piece is has an astounding amount of detail that makes it look and feel like a real manufactured space helmet from the Alien universe.

Filming Model Miniatures from Moon (2009)

Duncan Jones' Moon is one of our favorite science fiction films in recent memory, and it featured wonderful use of scale model miniatures to for shots of the lunar base and vehicles on the lunar surface. We get up close with a selection of these gorgeous miniatures--made by Bill Pearson and his model shop team at the Shepperton Studios--which have just come out of a private collection to be part of Prop Store's upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction (December 1-2).

Power Rangers 1995 Movie's Original Costumes!

We get up close to the original costumes and helmets made for the 1995 Power Rangers movie--a true blast from our pop culture past.