The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Jason Reitman

Jason Reitman has directed some of our favorite films of the last decade–Juno, Thank You For Smoking, Young Adult, and Up In the Air. Avoiding the allure of big-budget blockbusters, Jason instead tells emotionally-intense stories in smaller films. He visits The Talking Room to discuss the appeal of crafting complex, resonant characters, his approach to selecting projects, and growing up on film sets.

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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15 thoughts on “The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Jason Reitman

  1. Thanks again for yet another fabulous segment! The Talking Room is, hands-down, one of my favorite web series.

    I do have a favor to ask. Please, oh please give us a narrated tour of your bookshelves. Much like you have spent countless hours freeze-framing movie and TV episodes to glean the smallest details of a prop or costume, I have to admit that I do the same with these Talking Room videos to catch glimpses of the book titles that fill your shelves. And that leads me to a question I also have for you. I’ve noticed that, in this season, the books on the shelves to the right of you are all facing spine-up yet none of the other (visible) shelves are arranged in that manner. Why? Were you in the midst of re-arranging the room when these segments were filmed or is it an experiment/effort to make book titles on lower shelves more readable or are you attempting to thwart screen-grabbers and keep this portion of your library private? Admittedly, I am a hardcore book geek and bibliophile and I always love learning as much as I can about a fellow book-lover’s (which you most obviously are) collection.

  2. Adam is a great interviewer! All of these, John Cleese – terriffic!

    Anyone know what the intro sound bite is from? “Let’s go into the Talking Room”? Just curious.

  3. I concur 100% – his John Cleese interview was fantastic. The sound bite is from “The Philadelphia Story” with Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Here’s a clip featuring it from Youtube:

    Adam is a great interviewer! All of these, John Cleese – terriffic!

    Anyone know what the intro sound bite is from? “Let’s go into the Talking Room”? Just curious.

  4. Juno didn’t really impress me but I enjoyed Thank You for Smoking and I very much enjoyed Up in the Air.

    Very interesting man. Great to see he’s so relaxed and casual as well. Although maybe Adam is partly responsible for that as well.

  5. That was a phenomenal interview. Adam had great questions and Jason had great answers, the discussion was insightful but approachable, and I never felt like a question or its answer was just there to fill space.

    Also, it’s somehow reassuring to learn that I’m not the only person who finds mythbusters a great show to watch while going to bed.

  6. I may be in the minority, but I would really appreciate these talks being posted in audio format (whether as a part of Adam’s normal podcast stream or its own category). My schedule is tight – I mostly only get to listen to things like this at work and streaming YouTube on my network is not going to happen. Being able to download the audio to my phone and listen during the day is the only way I’ll get to enjoy these interviews. If it’s not too much trouble, I know I would appreciate it, but, like I said, perhaps I’m in the radical minority.

    And this is no knock against Joey – what videos I do get to watch I greatly enjoy the camera work and editing.

  7. I have to say, Adam, you are quickly becoming one of my favorite interviewers – right up there with Terry Gross, Charlie Rose, and Errol Morris. You must get Guillermo on here at some point…I beg of you. I watched his interview on Robert Rodriguez’s show on El Rey, and it was great. But I’m really looking forward to yours.

  8. No, I too would prefer an audio version. I usually play the video in a background tab at work, but would rather not have YouTube going for an hour. These are good interviews, but, honestly, I’m not going to sit and watch the video uninterrupted for an hour and I probably won’t watch them at home where the video would make sense.

    I’d take a look at how many people listen to Still Untitled and assume about the same ratio would want to listen to Talking Room.

  9. Wow, I loved this!

    Man, a lot of people are probably saying it, but Adam is such a great interviewer. You can clearly see how much he prepares not only from the questions but also, most importantly, from the reaction of the interviewee.

  10. The long interview is a lost art form. Relaxed, insightful, educational. These “Talking Rooms” are a nice departure from today’s “sound bite” world. Very interesting and I hope too see more.

  11. All of the above, plus: beautifully photographed. I love the visual style that has been adopted for this series with the shallow depth of field, the bright friendly lighting, and the three camera set up. I love that the two close up shots have just a sliver of the other person at the edge of the frame so it’s always one person talking to another person (who is clearly listening), and we’re allowed to watch. Also, some lovely themes covered here, especially: coming to know and accept yourself. That level of insight is so valuable. Thank you so much.

  12. I’ve watched TESTED develop over the last year. It is fun to watch every aspect of production and the skill of the everyone involved improve. Cheers…

  13. Jason Reitmans way of speaking or his cadence reminded my of someone, and it has been bugging me for almost a week now, but I finally realized who he speaks like: Christopher Walken! It’s not all the time, but when he does it, it’s like the most natural, offhand impression of Christopher Walken 🙂

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