The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Traci Des Jardins

The Talking Room returns! This season’s first guest is Traci Des Jardins, an award-winning chef and restaurateur. Traci was a finalist on Top Chef Masters and a semi-finalist for this year’s James Beard award for Outstanding Chef. Adam invited Traci to The Talking Room to talk about her cooking ethos, the challenge of managing restaurants, and her approach to crafting new recipes.

Shot and Edited by Joey Fameli

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22 thoughts on “The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Traci Des Jardins

  1. Finally, Another great interview. Love this series. Would love to see Rick Baker, Lorne Peterson, Phil Tippett, & Drew Struzan on this.

  2. I would imagine so! After all, the lead in paragraph refers to “this season” and in previous Twitter and Facebook posts, Adam has hinted at interviewing Guillermo Del Toro and Chris Hadfield, among others!

    That was recorded quite awhile ago. I hope we have more coming up.

  3. I remember asking a while ago about the talking room they did on the tested show, and that it was waiting until the new season, so this has been a long time coming, so hopefully some fantastic interview guests in the next few weeks.

  4. Great interview!!!

    As a software engineer who has realized that cooking is also a passion of mine this was fantastic.

    Thank you Tested!!!

  5. Amazing interview. I love how personal and passionate Adam is in his interviews. Also, loving Traci made this an even better Talking Room session. Can’t wait for the rest of the season.

    Listened to TIOAT during my day, watched this as I had dinner and now about to watch Lego with Friends as I get ready for bed. An amazing Tested day.

  6. Lovely interview. Lovely person.

    I can’t believe it took me all the way to the end to notice Winston…

  7. My first stage was at a newspapers studio, first month I spent digging through 3rd party made crossword puzzles and articles looking for rogue fonts that QuarkXpress didn’t like. (Which more then not tended to me spaces or points)

    But like they said after earning my stripes I worked on creating a full vinyl wrap of the newspaper for a bus… I also got to old the newspapers font archive for a whole 10 seconds as a reward before my boss got too nervous.

  8. Great listening so far!

    Unrelated, it’s awesome to see how many commenters here are premium members. So far every commenter in the thread is Premium. Wow!

  9. This is a fascinating look at the power of naivete.

    In the description her name is spelled “Traci Des Jardin”.

  10. That was a good interview. I just need to say the views expressed about poaching sounded a bit privileged.

  11. Love hearing stories like hers. Here’s a thing I’m good at, keep doing it, profit. And she came from essentially nowhere to make a big impact. Inspiring.

  12. As a result of her James Beard nomination and this video I went to Jardinière this evening and really enjoyed it. I found out that when it opened in 1997, cheese did not play a role in the SF food scene and it was Traci’s background of French training that led her to set up a cheese ‘cave’ at the restaurant. I wish there had been more time to see how her background influenced the restaurants and how that compared to what was the norm at the time.

  13. Great stuff! (and a bonus point for the hugging scene that cross fades in to the beaver. Might have been a Freudian cut…)

    Adam once did a fun “perfect omelette” video and a similar video with risotto would be fun too! (I’m sure you’re totally out of ideas..)

    Thank you guys!

  14. Adam you asked the question about if there was items that after going though the brain and ended up on the menu “we” as chefs/cooks disliked being on a menu because of frustrations in preparation… I think this question more is attributed to the cooks in the kitchen rather then the Chef. What I mean by this is cooks usually end up doing a majority of the labor in a dish. I do know Chefs that do work in the kitchen or on the line but they are few and far between until you get into the higher class restaurants like Traci’s.

    I love oysters and steamers but as someone who has worked with both for years, I really dislike working with them. I worked on a line for 4 years, ever night opening 100’s of oysters each night amongst the rest of my line work. That gets annoying after a while and you just don’t wanna see them anymore. Currently I’ve been working at the same place for 6 years. We go though 100 pounds of muscles a week. Everyone is handled and that gets to us.

    So I think items like this get to cooks more then chefs. We love to cook, we love being in the kitchen, we love making people happy and working with our hands, but the day to day tasks of repetition at times makes all of us crazy a little.

    Another great example of this is slow cooked shiitake mushroom slivers. Great on a warm spinach salad. But cutting 3 cases a night to get only one quart of product sucks, every night.

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