Designing the 3D-Printed Lightsaber

In a new series discussing the art of 3D printing, we’re joined by Jacky “Valcrow” Wan, a 3D modeler who has made some of the most amazing prints we’ve seen. Jacky was the one who designed the 14-piece 3D-printed lightsaber, and shares with us his design process and tips for FDM printing and finishing.

Shot by Joey Fameli
Edited by Norman Chan

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14 thoughts on “Designing the 3D-Printed Lightsaber

  1. Man, every time I watch these video’s I want to bite the bullet on the printerbot metal and get my feet wet in 3d printing.

  2. Very cool build and clever design. Even though I don’t own a printer, I look forward to Jackie’s other stuff. His website has some neat stuff including the Fallout mini nuke I saw last week (I think it was posted here?).

  3. How could I order this print, I don’t have a 3d printer or access to one, is there a way to order this already printed?

  4. If you have the 3D print files (they said they’d provide links to them), you can check out They connect people who want 3D printing to people/companies with 3D printers. Alternatively, feel free to shoot us an email at generaland we can look at 3D printing one for you!

  5. This was my attempt with my Printrbot Simple. Think my z axis was a bit mis-calibrated as everything was a really tight fit; once some parts went together there was no getting them apart (the pummel, pinwheel end emitter parts). Also had a few issues with the socket connector shearing off across layers. And I could never get the pin to work, so just holding it together with a bolt until I find a better solution.

    But other than that I’m really happy with how it came out. Was trying out some Metal Cote paints which you can buff to get a more metallic finish.

  6. A decade or so ago, if you wanted to make your own lightsabre the only way was to go to a Hardware store and scour the plumbing parts aisles. You could easily find hoses and pipes and washers that would fit together reasonably well, then set it off with some brass or rubber strips (a handlebar grip, or a wiper blade).

    And looking at the way Jacky’s pieces have been built to assemble, it reminds me a lot of those plumbing parts.

  7. Greetings Starfighter!! Man, I want that t-shirt!!

    Nice 3d print! When I get a 3d printer (soon), I’ll have to give this a red hot go! And I’d love the Mini-Nuke from Fallout 4. 8]

  8. I just got a Monoprice Dual Extruder!!! (first 3D printer)

    Now, what forums are the best to learn how to tweak this thing?

    I’ve printed a few things from Thingiverse, and I’ve got most of the 14 piece lightsaber printed. But the handle keeps failing. it gets past the last knurl and gets almost to the end of where it flairs out to begin the final taper inward… but one edge of the flair slightly curls up and the 2nd extruder snags it and topples it a bit and it gets dragged around….

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