Tested Presents The Rancor Project!

We’re extremely excited to reveal our big creature project at San Diego Comic-Con: The Rancor! Effects artist Frank Ippolito designed and built this incredibly-detailed foam costume in less than a month, based on references from an original test costume used for the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi production team. In the coming weeks, we’ll show you how this Rancor was built, and teach you some of the processes Frank and his team used to make a wearable foam creature costume! (Thanks to Model-Space.com for supporting this project. Check out the Millennium Falcon model kit here.)

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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39 thoughts on “Tested Presents The Rancor Project!

  1. Mind = BLOWN! You and your team (but especially you) have some seriously mad skillz! You’re an incredible addition to the Tested team.

  2. Ok that looks seriously awesome. And then I realize you built this in a month… A month! Wow man, insane and very very cool

  3. Brilliant and scary fun. Next step is probably to ad Adams cooling system and arm/claw robotics.

  4. ^_^

    HOLY CRAP!!!

    OK it’s official…Tested has now gone from my long-time second favourite website to my favourite!!


  5. Incredible job, Frank & team!

    I hope Phil Tippet got to see your final build. I wonder what his thoughts were. My understanding is that them ditching the suit to build the miniature model and shoot it in high speed for Return of the Jedi was a pretty last minute decision and came down to the last wire to get it done.

  6. Well Frank if all else fails, you can sell the bottom half as the Official Star Wars Rancor Diaper from Tested!

  7. Man, that is one incredible costume! Great job! Now if we could just get Will off the phone for a minute… hahaha

  8. That was awesome. I am super excited to see the build videos for the Rancor. I have a feeling that the company that makes the Liquid Cooled Ventilation Garments is going to suddenly have a ton of new customers from the con circuit.

  9. tha was actually the easiest way to communicate with me inside the suit. i had my earbuds in, and was talking to him through the phone. HAHAHAHAH

  10. Really coo job guys.

    I think it’s time to perfect adams cooling suit/shirt. Seems to be the nr1 problem in full body cosplay.

  11. Absolutely amazing….

    Brilliant idea with the fpv goggles.

    Was that Bill Doran helping out as well?

  12. Holy cow that is cool! Can’t wait to see the video series on its construction! Maybe to make the arms easier to move you could make a spring loaded parallelogram (similar to a steadicam) or use a cable driven counterweight- something really simple that doesn’t get in the way of your arms or add too much weight to the suit.

    Wikus arm would be super cool too! I’ve been dying to make one for a friend along with a sonic wave gun that activates when he picks it up.

  13. Very awesome, Frank continues to be the best! I realize it was a rush job so I have no room to make comments, but I really wish the mouth could open even a little. Even so, the detailing is awesome and the Luke figure in the hand made me laugh. Frank needs to get in touch with Adam about his cooling shirts because DAMN does that man sweat in these things.

    For a bit of trivia, Frank’s correct in stating they did not use the Rancor suit at all when filming Return of the Jedi, every shot you see the monster in is actually a hand puppet (imagine a persons hand as the creature’s mouth and you’ll get the scale) shot at an insanely high frame rate.

  14. So much stuff this year, easy to lose track of the sequence 😉 amazing work, Frank. Really wish I had been at that party, looked amazing.

  15. That was insanely awesome. Thank you for all the fun and inspiring projects. Really looking forward to the behind the scenes videos.

    Now if we can find someone to teach about bluetooth headsets or something so he doesn’t drop the Duke. Again. 😉

  16. He looks fantastic from the back too, and I love the way his legs are bent while Frank’s are straight. That’s really clever.

  17. I had a feeling that that was what Will was up to. Some of what he was saying made sense if he was speaking to you in there. Also, will this be at Dragon Con? That would definitely be cool, in one sense, but sweltering in another.

  18. Beautiful, beautiful work, Frank (and all)!

    You need to balance those arms somehow for the next time you put the suit on. Weights and pulleys or something like that. And have something to cool the suit off like what Adam does.

  19. i can’t thing of a practical way to get it to dragon-con. or where to stage it, or any of the logistics needed for it. HAHAH.

  20. Yeah, I had a feeling that would be the case. Unless you were doing a truck cross country, but that pretty much fails on the “practical” part.

  21. Will looks like he’s out walking his baby Rancor and can’t be bothered to get off the damn phone.

  22. I love how this site fosters such a great network of prop and costume makers, from Volpin and Punished Props to Frank Ippolito!

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