Building Anovos’ Star Wars Shadowtrooper Kit (Part 1)

At Comic-Con 2015, we met up with Anovos, the makers of officially licensed Star Wars costumes and helmets. Among completed costumes, they’re releasing a D-I-Y kit for Stormtrooper armor (which includes a finished helmet). We get our hands on an early test Shadowtrooper kit from Anovos, and walk through the process of cleaning up the vacu-formed pieces with effects artist Frank Ippolito!

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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23 thoughts on “Building Anovos’ Star Wars Shadowtrooper Kit (Part 1)

  1. This is incredibly cool. While I have no interest of ever wearing a trooper uniform I’d love to build and customize one for someone else to wear. Can’t wait to see the rest of the building.

  2. Oh this is so awesome. Thank you so much for doing this! I had preordered a kit back when the preorder first went up and it’s really good to know what I’m getting myself in to, as well as how I should go about tackling this job.

  3. Very cool. Excited to see you guys tackling this. Check out for more info than you could possibly need. Ordered the classic cause the price was too good not to but I’m probably gonna pass on the shadow trooper and wait till I can get a TFA trooper.

  4. While the whole armor kits are super cool, I just want one of the finished helmets to display in my living room. To start off the collection, I’d pick up the Boba Fett helmet first, followed by that “shiny” ESB Darth Vader.. 👍

  5. Having spent a large number of hours potting together my own classic 501st ESB stormtrooper, I am very jealous of those air tools. An electric Dremel is fine for tidying up the cuts, but the air saw looks fantastic. Maybe on my next one…

  6. the kit is just 375$ now and that’s insane.

    if not for wearing, how could would this look on a mannequin dole.

  7. Very cool, although I wish that they offered the helmets as kits too, I’d love to build a Boba Fett helmet as an weathering exercise. Does any here know of companies that do offer helmet kits?

    Very cool project, I’ll be following along. I’m eager to see what your takes on the armor will be!

  8. Very cool! I just finished my ANH stormtrooper armor build recently. I’m happy to see you guys digging in to the accurate way to build your kits! One of my favorite things while building the kit was endlessly reading on about the history of the costumes in the movies, not to mention the lineage of the fan made kits that followed.

    I think I need to invest in some air tools!

  9. I orderd my few mins ago, i also get a 10% Discount Coupon after that for anything:



  10. I cant wait till my White one comes in… I hope it comes with enough time to make it before TFA

  11. I’ve made several TKs over the years. I found the best glue to be E6000 takes a bit long to dry but its strong and holds up well to trooping (even at hot parades). And say you needed to take the part apart, its actually do-able rather than having it plastic welded.

  12. Just ordered the original white armor kit after watching this. The Shadowtrooper kit is super cheap right now but I’ve always wanted the original armor and the black kit doesn’t give me the same joy and memories as the white Stormtrooper. Can’t wait to build this!

  13. AWESOME!!!

    i Will be buying this assuming it meets 501st standards. i have been VERY interested in joining 501st for a while and this may be the ticket. Anyone know if these will meet 501st standards?

  14. Also, prices will be going up soon!!! buy NOW if interested!!

    SAN DIEGO RECOVERY TIER – Ends August 3, 2015

    Pre-orders taken between 12:00 AM CT on July 21, 2015 and prior to 11:59 PM CT on August 3, 2015 are pre-ordered at:

    • Completed Ensemble: $1,475.00 USD. That’s a savings of nearly 10% off the Initial Public Offering price!
    • Kit with Completed Helmet: $495.00 USD. That’s a savings of nearly 30% off the Initial Public Offering price!

    Initial Public Offering Price – Ends September 1, 2015

    After the SAN DIEGO RECOVERY TIER concludes:

    • Complete Ensemble: Pre-order becomes priced at $1,700.00 USD for the duration of the Initial Public Offering, which ends on September 1, 2015. Pricing after end of Initial Public Offering subject to change, including higher MSRP.
    • Kit with Completed Helmet: Pre-order becomes priced at $700.00 USD for the duration of the Initial Public Offering, which ends on September 1, 2015. Pricing after end of Initial Public Offering subject to change, including higher MSRP.

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