Prop Store’s Original Star Wars Props and Costumes

At Star Wars Celebration, Prop Store had on display some incredible pieces of original props and costumes from the Star Wars films. We chat with Stephen Lane to learn about some of these items, including an original TIE-Fighter pilot’s helmet, Leia’s ceremonial dress, and hand props. Plus, post a comment below and we’ll pick a few people to win auction catalogs!

Shot by Joey Fameli
Edited by Benito Gonzalez

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53 thoughts on “Prop Store’s Original Star Wars Props and Costumes

  1. To hear that several items are no reserve is amazing. This really helps keep the collections in the hands of the fans who will enjoy looking at the piece everyday and not in the hands of an investor gambling that the price will go up and storing it away hidden from sight. I would like to know who did the restoration on Leia’s dress it looks stunning. What a gorgeous piece. I wonder how Stephen transports that, I would have an aneurysm every time it gets loaded.

  2. It is weird when he says that some peoples have those items stored somewhere in a box and that they don’t have a clue of what they have or it is, just wow!

  3. Great content, and really looking forward to getting my copy of Brandon Alinger’s Star Wars Costumes

  4. As always, another awesome interview/video with the Propstore folks. Thanks Norm! Count me in on the catalog giveaway – Rick Baker rules!

  5. That man is a true Fan. Love that he presents his collection for all fans to enjoy.

    I would love a catalog.

  6. This is one of these moments I wish I had the money for the auctions, but a catalog will work just fine!

  7. I would love to see a set of before and after pics on the restoration of the ceremonial dress. I’d also love to get my hands on some of Stuart Freeborn’s notes- he was an amazing artist. It would be so awesome to tour Prop Store…

    The Baker catalog is insane! The work that came out of Rick Baker’s shop is amazing and anyone interested in his work should also check out the Cinefex articles about him. I killed my lunch hour looking at all of the images and reading the notes and descriptions and I’m going to have to go back and check out all of the additional interactive features. What interested me the most were all of the amazing animatronics and cable controlled puppets, especially the Gremlins and Worm guys. I’ve been saying for years I’ve wanted to make an animatronic Worm Guy- they are soooo freaking cool. Then I turn the pages to find the Hellboy work…. total nerdgasm.

    If I could have any two things (no way could I pick just one) from that auction it would be one of the Hellboy maquettes and a Worm Guy puppet. I don’t know where in my house I’d put them but believe me I’d make space!

  8. The story of Leia’s dress was kind of shocking. I find it intriguing that some of the most amazing props might just be forgotten, hidden away in a basement. Also, I’d love one of these awsome catalogs!

  9. Thanks for the coverage of great art in cinema.. Hope you follow up on the Rick Baker auction with coverage of some of the greatest creature props in the movies.. Stay to the road, keep from the moors and beware the moon….

  10. I love the tie pilot, it would be interesting to know if the helmet / armour / chest box were an original set & have been reunited or if they came from different pilots.

  11. As a kid I loved looking through the Toys R Us catalogs. This Star Wars auction catalog is probably the same thing for some adults.

  12. Love this content. So cool.
    Even Jony Ive’s Apple Watch doesn’t match the design of these old school Star Wars universe props. ⌚️

  13. Wish you showed more of what they had on display but what you did show was awesome. That catalog looks pretty cool.

  14. The woman who owned the Princess Leia dress sure knew how to party I suppose… You’d make me so happy with a catalog! 🙂

  15. Always blown away at the items the prop store find. But I have to say an even bigger wow at the dress restoration. Truly preserving such a wonderful item is something to behold. Welldone prop store for your endeavour and integrity in your work….goodluck with the coming auction

  16. Thanks Norm for representing us fanboys and girls that can’t make it there, you manage to capture my excitement and ask the kind of questions I’d like to ask but usually forget to when I actually get the chance!

  17. Gosh that catalog does look awesome! Almost like a ‘coffee table’ art book in it’s own right ha!

    Anyway, great to see some genuine originals like this, and know they’re being looked after properly.

  18. That dress looks amazing! As does the rest. Kinda hoped you would talk about the Darth Vader helmet as well.

  19. Some amazing pieces there! As a lifelong Star Wars fan I would one day love to own some original bit of ephemera from the original trilogy. I’ll have to definitely check out the Rick Baker auction!

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