Recreating the Original Star Wars Y-Wing Model

Replicating the original 1/24th scale “hero” model for Star Wars’ Y-Wing is no easy task, but eFX Collectibles has taken it on. With over 15 years of research, model makers have identified almost all of the individual model kit parts that went into kit-bashing the film model. We learn about some of those “greeblie” discoveries that even the original ILM model makers don’t remember.

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  1. Now that’s what I love to see. It’s one of my favorite things on this site when the guests and cool people showcased in videos show through their enthusiasm. Nothing wrong with a calmer disposition but it is genuinely a joy to see the open positivity come together.

    Wish it was longer and I would love to see more of this duder again.

  2. It’s good that these guys are able to put this level of accuracy into a kit.

    When Adam showed the Y-Wing he built for Galoob Toys he said he had a total of 2 weeks to scratch build it. I’m sure he was meticulous in his research and in replicating the kitbashed parts in the new scale, but it is really an exercise in getting it close enough on a very tight deadline.

    This is going to be the closest you can get without hunting down the kit-parts yourself, just awesome.

  3. You can never go wrong when you’ve got good (Star Wars) material.

    Looking forward to the rest of your videos from WonderCon, Norm!

  4. So happy to have seen that. I always imagined that the original builders carved all those parts by hand. It seemed to impossible for me to even think about doing! It’s the original kit-bashing… awesome! I feel like I now know the Cadbury Caramilk secret.

  5. One big problem with tracking down the kits that ILM used was that I am almost sure that ILM went through the bargain bins at the hobby distributer across the street as it was described. So the parts people try to track down are from the kits that didn’t move well, IJN Shinano, for instance. The Shinano was a kit made by Tamiya back in the day to complete the Yamato and Musashi large battleship kits back when I was a kid. But the Shinano was so obscure(the ship never saw actual duty because an American submarine sank it while the ship was moving from Yokosuka to Kure) that nobody wanted the kit, especially here in the states. So the distributers and hobby stores were stuck with the kits for a long time and the Shinano was perfect for what ILM wanted because they were cheap. But Tamiya only popped the big Shinano once and once kits were gone, they were gone. So anybody trying to replicate Star Wars stuff is going to have be an expert in exotic, rare and not available model kits from Tamiya, the late lamented Aurora, and other manufactures that are long gone.

  6. I quit… JK… Awesome vid! This really makes ya think, if ya have the time, money, & patience anything is possible.

  7. so much this. there is little as nice to see as someone speaking with genuine enthusiasm. it’s what i really enjoy about adam. he doesn’t let any grain of cynicism ruin the joy he feels for the stuff he loves.

  8. I’ve never really considered the Y-Wing to be a cool or hero ship. When I watched the movies, it seemed like flying in a Y-Wing was a death sentence because you would get blown up before you were able to do anything useful. As compared to flying the X-Wing where you’d dole out the justice, shooting down TIE Fighters and blowing up Death Stars, yeah!

  9. I like the Y-Wing though because it’s not as common as the X-Wing- plus the greeblies are awesome!

  10. Over on Sci-Fi Meshes there was a great example of a similar project to recreate the DS9 Defiant from scratch, using the original parts. Many people think there was some sort of grille in the deflector, and indeed the poor CGI models seen in many shots on the show look that way, but the hero model actually had clear plastic refractors from ceiling lights! Heck, there’s a lamp on the CGI model that does not exist on the physical model, and is clearly floating above the hull if you look carefully.

    Using a similar lenticular material in Blender made the deflector look 1000% better. But from a similar distance and resolution to the shots we see in DS9 (or the films) it does indeed look like wire mesh. (I’ve mostly abandoned my own endeavor to make a really accurate CGI version of the Defiant, because I based the work on the Skye Dodds model; he wasn’t thrilled with his work being modified and I’m not so skilled on the organic shapes of the hull, more interested in nurnies.)

    I’d love to have the money to make or buy either the Defiant or the Gold Leader models, that’s just amazing.

  11. Better than being a TIE pilot! I can just see the troopers drawing straws on who has to be the pilots today.

    “Aww damn, I had a date tonight!”

    Still not sure why they didn’t use droids instead, we all know Artoo does most of the piloting for Luke anyway.

  12. Discord I get that too! The TIE Interceptor I think was the badass variant for pilots too cool for normal TIEs. As for Artoo, I feel like he’s the mechanic that hops out to make sure the craft stays together while Luke shoots everything. Even though the little arm coming out probably doesn’t do much.

  13. Have there been any updates on this? EFx website is a joke, and Google search wasn’t any help.

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