Star Wars

Star Wars The Mandalorian Razor Crest Unboxing and Review!

The Haslab Razor Crest has landed! Over a year after we pre-ordered it, Hasbro's 1/18 scale model of The Mandalorian's chrome starship arrives at our studio for an unboxing and review.

Amazing Laser-Cut Star Wars Shadowbox!

Pop culture poster art, screenprinting, and laser cutting come together in this officially licensed Star Wars shadowbox art piece from illustrator Daniel Danger.

Grant Imahara's BB-8 Replica!

While visiting Grant Imahara's shop, Adam Savage sees Grant's screen (and functionally) accurate BB-8 replica, which he built with prop artisan Lauren Markland after seeing the character roll out on stage during 2015's Star Wars Celebration. Fon Davis and Lauren take Adam through this stunning 3D-printed replica, a testament to Grant's passion and talent.

Grant Imahara's R2D2 Replica!

Grant Imahara's AMAZING R2D2 replica came about after 10 ILM employees -- including Adam Savage and Fon Davis -- banded together in 2000 to build their very own R2 droids from scratch.

Working on a Fiction-Based Aircraft as a Smithsonian Museum Specialist

What's it like working on a fictional aircraft when you're used to the real thing?