Star Trek

Star Trek Filming Miniature Model and Hand Props!

We can barely contain our excitement as we get up close with some original hand props and a gorgeous model miniature used in various 90s-era Star Trek series and films!

The Color Theory of Star Trek Costumes in 1/6 Scale

We dive into the color theory of Star Trek uniforms and cut-and-sew with Exo-6 founder and director Schubert Tam as he brings prototypes of sixth-scale Star Trek figures to our studio.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture's 1/6 Scale Figures!

We're back in studio with Exo-6's founder and director Schubert Tam to geek out about his passion for Star Trek and one-sixth scale figures.

Star Trek: Discovery's Klingon Costumes and Armor

As over 200 original costumes, props, and pieces of set decoration from Star Trek: Discovery's first two seasons go up for auction, we visit Prop Store to examine these bespoke pieces to learn how the ornate Klingon costumes from the show were designed and fabricated.