Ask Adam: Do I Want to Go to Space?

In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers Tested members Andy Kellett, robotfencer and Shane Shellenbarger's questions about which natural phenomena Adam wants to experience, what qualifies as a maker, and would Adam take a space flight.

Adam Reviews Blitzway's 1/4 Scale Apollo 11 Astronaut!

Adam prepares for one of the largest unboxings he's ever done at the cave: a massive box containing Blitzway's new Apollo 11 Astronaut statue.

Why the Space Shuttle Discovery Delights Adam Savage SO MUCH

When Adam Savage visited the National Air and Space Museum -- specifically the Udvar-Hazy Center -- in August 2021, he stopped to marvel at an old friend, the Space Shuttle Discovery. From its stenciled logo to its pattern of damaged tiles to its TINY door, Adam highlights the many features of this historic aircraft that never cease to delight him.

Why the National Air and Space Museum Is (Temporarily) Closing

NOTE: This video was filmed in August 2021. The museum will be closed from March 2022 to fall 2022. Learn more here: If you've tried to visit in the last few years, COVID aside, you know that Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum has been undergoing a major renovation.

Adam Inspects Amelia Earhart's Record-Breaking Aircraft!

In the early 1930s Amelia Earhart flew this Lockheed Vega 5B alone across the Atlantic Ocean, then flew it nonstop across the United States: both firsts for a woman!